Are you prepared for the Zombie/Robot uprising?

Ok, so hopefully they won’t come at the same time but if they did, I recommend finding a safe place to hide until they winner is decided. Chances are though, it won’t be you in the end… unless you get right and get prepared. And the way I figure it, getting ready for the zombie apocalypse or a robot uprising probably take the same amount of prep. So, this is where the web comes in handy.

1) Reading Is Fundamental – Not just an Elementary School slogan, but a truth within a truth. You need in depth info on how to prepare for the inevitable invasion. I’ve got two books that can help.

1) The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

2) How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion

These will serve as your field guides in case you decided not to properly train for the war. Then again, it would probably be too late when the shit comes down.

2) Audio addendum – Yes folks, there is an audio addition to the proceedings. CNET’s The Real Deal podcast (normally a tech show) goes through the history of zombies and gives tips on how to stay alive in the impending war. You would do well to listen. Download the podcast here:

Real Deal 91 – Zombies

3) Internet resources – Know your allies in the fight. Get the need-to-know info on your enemies.

All things zombies – The name should be self explanatory. Your one stop shop for all things zombie

Humans United Against Robots – They’re cute, they do things that humans won’t, they’re quickly
becoming man’s other best friend. They also learn. Fast. And thanks
to use stupid humans, they are stronger, faster, and smarter than
us. I’m thinking the folks at Google are robots. Trust me on this.
Anyway, these brave men and women are using the machine to fight
the machines. Our very our Radio Free Robots, I guess. Check out
their Wikipedia page, also.

Look, I like robots as much as the next geek, and I’m sure that these engineers are governing their creations and building Kill switches into them. I’m okay with that…Ok damn that! You’ve seen the Matrix. You’ve seen the Terminator movies. You’ve seen the Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, and/or Resident Evil movies(well, maybe not the Evil Dead stuff). The minute we turn our back and get complacent, BOOM, we’re either somebody’s lunch or battery. We can’t let that happen people! I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to be here. Just remember, when it all goes down don’t let me see you with a bite mark or a Pacemaker. It’s on!

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