3 years in, still here

Apparently I not only let it slip up on me, but let it pass me by like the Pharcyde. October 6th, 2005. The day I opened up shop and started blogging. Ok, that’s slightly untrue. I think I set up the blog a day or two before, but that was the day of my first post. Started kinda slow, kinda slow now considering how little I’ve blogged lately.  Just a place to send folks for stuff I come across surfing the net. It was a better idea than email because I figured someone else might be interested in it & I wanted to share. I know I’ve said this before, but meh. You all don’t mind. 🙂

     It’s been an interesting ride for me. Looking back at the first few posts, I can’t believe how verbal I was compared to now(shaddup). Though I haven’t been active lately, I’ve enjoyed the stuff I’ve come across or talked about here.  I’ve geeked out, done bootleg gift guides, spoke on (some sometimes new) music I’ve come across, linked the shit out of stuff, professed my love for Pandora, wondered where da HAZELL some artists are, maybe slightly lost my mind some would say, And even shared a little bit of myself with you all. Oh, I’ve even married a couple of loves into a post (one of my favorite posts, I think), took out couple of memes & ran down my Song of the Moment from time to time. Looking back, I need to bring back some of that. The stuff comes to mind early and often, but I’ve been too lazy to put them down. Some things don’t translate in audio & I’m not crazy about my voice. I think it’s safe to say you won’t see me on Youtube anytime soon(try next to never). I’m still waiting for Deja to do it, chicken ass. Well, that and I’m not prepared to get dooced by my job, just yet. I know some folks are peeping this spot.

     You know, you’d think this kind of post would be better done on a five or ten year anniversery, but I’m special like that. Plus seeing articles like this:

Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004

doesn’t give me warm fuzzy feelings. In fact, I kinda disagree with it. You want to read it go for it. My thing is, this article is true if you are trying to go up against HuffPo, Engadget, & whatnot. If you have good content that people like and are consistent, you will have your own following. That’s all you’ll ever need. Hell, if you are writing what you like & no one reads it, it’s still good. You are doing you. But I seem to have strayed off topic. That never happens.

So anyway, back to the front. I’ve been here for three going into four, need to not only step my thang up, but keep it up. Wouldn’t want to disappoint you all, would I? Where else would you get my brand of quirky, geeky, goodness…..don’t answer that 🙂

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