Remember the ways of the Geek, young padawan

I found out about this article from my twin, Lizmoney. Thanks Sug!

So this article from (which is a good resource to bookmark) has been in circulation for weeks now. Reading it got me to thinking. There is a lot of these that I don’t even know or have down pat(Yep, I heard the sound of Geek cred fall just by saying that). Don’t get me wrong, I can at least say that I have a good solid double digits of info in my cranium from this list, but clearly, I’ve been slippin’. HARD! And so here we are and here you go if you hadn’t seen this before. Use it to test your geek, or the geek of someone you know. Even better, if you’re not a geek, check it out anyway. Knowledge is power, and this stuff could save you life…ok maybe your computer, but they are a part of life so there!

Go in, go hard, and get to geeking.

64 Things Every Geek Should Know –

Oh, and before I forget, there’s one more thing that all geeks that all geeks should know. Theme music: Every good geek should have one:

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