Can’t leave blogging alone, the game needs me

Okay, that’s pretty much not all true, but the first part is. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and have kind of missed it. I’ve definitely had plenty of things to talk about even if I didn’t post. Chances are, I will probably get around to putting them up especially since most if not all have to do with something geeky, techy, and thereby relevant. Incidentally, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on as I’m writing this. There will not doubt be 2010 version of the Want List, for sure. I have been quite lazy about a lot of things, this being but one, but I am in the midst of finding my flow again. . Not really a new year’s thing, just a thing in general. Oh, I’m also considering moving this blog since I now have another blog that’s being hosted somewhere. So for those one or two of you that still check for me in your RSS readers after all this time, thank you. I hope I am what you expected. 🙂

And now, on the the geekery…!

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