There and back again (aka the Geek Knight returns)

So umm, yea. I’m back to the blogging thing again. This time in my own space. If you’ve read my post on the old site you know that already, but I thought I’d mention it here just the same. Now that I’m kinda back on the scene, I realize a couple of things: 1) I have a lot to catch up on and 2) I’ve been blogging (off and on) for FIVE YEARS(next month, in fact)! I honestly didn’t think I have much to say let alone for that long, but as I’ve said here, I can’t leave it alone apparently. It’s been more that I’ve been lazy than anything else. There’s always some gadget, movie, music, etc. for me to be hopped up about. And so here I am. I would get into why I disappeared for so long, but at the moment, it’s not important. if things were meant to come together that much to talk about them, then I’ll let you all know. until then…

I have to say that i’m pretty sure that the next few dozen or so posts are probably going to be old news. In trying to get back into things, I kinda want to bring up stuff that I hadn’t taken the chance to talk about. Coincidently, in a kind of a masochistic move on my part, I’m thinking of participating in National Blog Posting Month (Nablopomo) which is going on as we speak. Yes, i know it’s 7 days in. Masochistic, remember? We will see. At any rate, I hope you enjoy what I am bringing and let me know about stuff you want my opinion on. Oh, and don’t mind the mess on the site. I’m still trying to get it like I want it. Not even sure if i’m married to the theme or not.. We will see.

Oh, and if you’ve stuck with me for how long from the past five years, thank you. I still hope I am what you expected.

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