Amazon-xbox one two punch

So this little tip might be old to most of you, but here goes.

Now, I’m pretty certain you were aware that you can buy video games at Amazon, but did you know that you buy online codes for games on the Playstation Network(PSN) and PC game downloads(I’m a little more partial to Steam at this point, but hey)? Well, I just found out about the Playstation part myself. What I originally brought this up for was the fact that you could also buy online codes for Xbox Live points and service. Apparently, they got must have got rid of Xbox live game codes because I’m having a hard time finding any. However, this is still relevant for the fact that you can still buy points and service codes here. And sometimes you can catch them at a reduced rate that you’d find in retail stores. This goes true for the physical cards as well, so keep that in mind. Oh, and Xbox Live is increasing in price in November. Stock up now if you can.

The thing is, inputting the code(s) into your Xbox once you get them can be annoying. You have to fire it up, navigate the dashboard, and my personally peeve, having to use the controller to put in the code. You have the same issue on PSN, as well. Call me lazy, but I wish there was an easier way like using the 360’s Vision camera or the upcoming Kinect(or PS3’s PSeye) to scan the card. Somebody get on that, it’s 2010 for goodness sake! Well, anyway, there is a little better way to go about it.  Don’t know how much you use it, but if you are signed up with, you can do some of the stuff you can from the dashboard there. Check and answer messages, see who’s online, and most important to this post, hit the marketplace to queue up demos, buy games, and input game/points/xbox live card codes right there in browser(login required for link). Damn you, that’s pretty convenient if you didn’t feel like starting up the box. And yea, you still have to fire it up if you want the game/demo to actually download and play but chances are, you were going there for that anyway. And no, Playstation hadn’t gotten to this point yet, but I hold out hope for them. At least you can buy game codes being that you were probably on Amazon in the first place…right?

Like I’ve said, if you knew about this, you probably wouldn’t have gotten this far into the post, so I don’t feel too bad about the old info. It’s just been on my mind.

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