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So, right before I went on hiatus months ago, I was sitting here one morning lurking Twitter. For whatever reason, there was a meme or something floating around that had me giggling. I was two seconds from unleashing what would be the contents of this post on the early rising twitter community when I opted not to. Had I released the hounds, it would have been strictly for my own yuks and guffaws, which means there would be some annoyed campers out there, probably. I was thinking, how many words, phrases, movie/book/song titles could be replaced with some form of ‘lol’. The results below are a small sampling of what I came up with[insert Law & Order sound effect]. So now, you lucky people get the benefit of seeing the full on flop in one fail swoop*. Who says I don’t love you all?


Lol of the wild


Raiders of the lols ark

Lolmark cards

Buzz out lol

Lol lol lollol lol lol  – smurf song

Lol in the family

Lols barkley

Lol of lolcraft


Lol – Data’s other brother

Great lols o fire

Lol and hardy

Lol and Order

Lolmak, when the walls fell

Lol with the wind

Just lols 2

Lucy loless

Lol and lollessness

Paul blart – lol cop

The lollerboy

If you get more than a couple of these, I commend and pity you. If you have any more to add, you know where the comments section. Go for it.

* – I didn’t say they were all gems, by the way.

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