On Point Tip: ThunderBolt 4g toggling

(via Android and Me and CNET)

So real quick, sometime last week I retweeted a link from CNET and about video they did about how to disable 4g on the HTC Thunderbolt. You can check that video below:

How to disable 4G on the HTC Thunderbolt for battery savings

I wondered why this wasn’t in the settings of the phone by default (I suspect Verizon shenanigans, but who knows) or at least an HTC made widget of some sort. There was one in the couple I’ve seen, but I will check again. It doesn’t really matter now because from the department of “there’s an app for that”, some enterprising developer came up with a simple, free toggle app to do just this. Apparently, there are paid apps to do this, but that’s not necessary. That’s also another post. If you have an HTC ThunderBolt (or Motorola Droid Bionic, Samsung Charge, or LG Revolution according to ), get to the Market and download Cunning Logic’s simply named LTEonOff TeamAndIRC. Rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it? Anyway, all it does is takes you to the settings to disable/enable the 4g radio just like you see in the video above. I would advise checking the video out just to see what’s what.

Disabling the 4g radio is a good way to prolong battery life, especially if you’re not in an area that has it. I’m looking at YOU state where I stay! So check it out if you have the phones above. Links to the Market or scan the barcode below to install.

LTEOnOff TeamAndIRC:

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