There and back again (aka the Geek Knight returns)

So umm, yea. I’m back to the blogging thing again. This time in my own space. If you’ve read my post on the old site you know that already, but I thought I’d mention it here just the same. Now that I’m kinda back on the scene, I realize a couple of things: 1) I have a lot to catch up on and 2) I’ve been blogging (off and on) for FIVE YEARS(next month, in fact)! I honestly didn’t think I have much to say let alone for that long, but as I’ve said here, I can’t leave it alone apparently. It’s been more that I’ve been lazy than anything else. There’s always some gadget, movie, music, etc. for me to be hopped up about. And so here I am. I would get into why I disappeared for so long, but at the moment, it’s not important. if things were meant to come together that much to talk about them, then I’ll let you all know. until then…

I have to say that i’m pretty sure that the next few dozen or so posts are probably going to be old news. In trying to get back into things, I kinda want to bring up stuff that I hadn’t taken the chance to talk about. Coincidently, in a kind of a masochistic move on my part, I’m thinking of participating in National Blog Posting Month (Nablopomo) which is going on as we speak. Yes, i know it’s 7 days in. Masochistic, remember? We will see. At any rate, I hope you enjoy what I am bringing and let me know about stuff you want my opinion on. Oh, and don’t mind the mess on the site. I’m still trying to get it like I want it. Not even sure if i’m married to the theme or not.. We will see.

Oh, and if you’ve stuck with me for how long from the past five years, thank you. I still hope I am what you expected.

Can’t leave blogging alone, the game needs me

Okay, that’s pretty much not all true, but the first part is. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and have kind of missed it. I’ve definitely had plenty of things to talk about even if I didn’t post. Chances are, I will probably get around to putting them up especially since most if not all have to do with something geeky, techy, and thereby relevant. Incidentally, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on as I’m writing this. There will not doubt be 2010 version of the Want List, for sure. I have been quite lazy about a lot of things, this being but one, but I am in the midst of finding my flow again. . Not really a new year’s thing, just a thing in general. Oh, I’m also considering moving this blog since I now have another blog that’s being hosted somewhere. So for those one or two of you that still check for me in your RSS readers after all this time, thank you. I hope I am what you expected. ๐Ÿ™‚

And now, on the the geekery…!

3 years in, still here

Apparently I not only let it slip up on me, but let it pass me by like the Pharcyde. October 6th, 2005. The day I opened up shop and started blogging. Ok, that’s slightly untrue. I think I set up the blog a day or two before, but that was the day of my first post. Started kinda slow, kinda slow now considering how little I’ve blogged lately.ร‚ย  Just a place to send folks for stuff I come across surfing the net. It was a better idea than email because I figured someone else might be interested in it & I wanted to share. I know I’ve said this before, but meh. You all don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

ร‚ย ร‚ย ร‚ย ร‚ย  It’s been an interesting ride for me. Looking back at the first few posts, I can’t believe how verbal I was compared to now(shaddup). Though I haven’t been active lately, I’ve enjoyed the stuff I’ve come across or talked about here.ร‚ย  I’ve geeked out, done bootleg gift guides, spoke on (some sometimes new) music I’ve come across, linked the shit out of stuff, professed my love for Pandora, wondered where da HAZELL some artists are, maybe slightly lost my mind some would say, And even shared a little bit of myself with you all. Oh, I’ve even married a couple of loves into a post (one of my favorite posts, I think), took out couple of memes & ran down my Song of the Moment from time to time. Looking back, I need to bring back some of that. The stuff comes to mind early and often, but I’ve been too lazy to put them down. Some things don’t translate in audio & I’m not crazy about my voice. I think it’s safe to say you won’t see me on Youtube anytime soon(try next to never). I’m still waiting for Deja to do it, chicken ass. Well, that and I’m not prepared to get dooced by my job, just yet. I know some folks are peeping this spot.

ร‚ย ร‚ย ร‚ย ร‚ย  You know, you’d think this kind of post would be better done on a five or ten year anniversery, but I’m special like that. Plus seeing articles like this:

Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004

doesn’t give me warm fuzzy feelings. In fact, I kinda disagree with it. You want to read it go for it. My thing is, this article is true if you are trying to go up against HuffPo, Engadget, & whatnot. If you have good content that people like and are consistent, you will have your own following. That’s all you’ll ever need. Hell, if you are writing what you like & no one reads it, it’s still good. You are doing you. But I seem to have strayed off topic. That never happens.

So anyway, back to the front. I’ve been here for three going into four, need to not only step my thang up, but keep it up. Wouldn’t want to disappoint you all, would I? Where else would you get my brand of quirky, geeky, goodness…..don’t answer that ๐Ÿ™‚

Late to the party: The Twitter thing

(ED. Note: Twitter has been seeing it’s fair share of outages lately, so don’t be surprised or annoyed if it’s down.)

So this post has been long in coming because…While I’ve known about it since it started in 2006, I really didn’t check it out until ’07 and even then, I didn’t think it would last. Boy, was I wrong, or just short in being right.

Anyway, let’s get to it. We are here to talk about the phenomenon known as Twitter. I think I’ve decided to do a couple of things with this post: 1) Break it up into two posts, and 2) concentrate on Twitter more than it’s closest competitor, Pownce(Which I also like). Why, because I’ve spent more time on Twitter than Pownce and the fact that I will probably use Pownce in a slightly different way than I do Twitter. The reason why I’m even mentioning Pownce is for contrast. Both are good services with great potential and should be looked into that the first chance. Wait until you finish the post first though, eh?

The thing to answer is what are Twitter and Pownce. Before I answer that, I’d like you to take a peep at this great short video from on what Twitter is. It can tell you better than I ever could.

Twitter in Plain English

Finished? Cool. Now that you’ve seen that, you have an idea on what Twitter is. What you don’t know is that it can be so much more than that. It can be a teaching aid, a news reader, meeting arranger, book starter, blog promotion, news gathering, poll taking device, search engine, Public IM chat, mini blog, movie reviews, and many other uses I’m sure. For my people on the ED board, think of it as any of the random thoughts threads all in one. Basically what I’m saying is that it can be just about anything you’d want it to be. For me, I listen to and read a lot of podcasts and blogs. A lot of people I read or listen to are on Twitter so it’s a lurk into what they are thinking and doing at the moment. Plus, there is a chance to get in on some good conversation or see who’s eating a cheese sandwich. ๐Ÿ™‚ Next post, I’ll list off some Twitter tools to help get more out the service. For now, let’s get a couple of basics out of the way.

First off, Twitter is free to sign up for. Once you do, you fill out your particulars and start twittering(the act of posting) from the site. Before you do that though, you may want to hit the settings button. You may want to make some changes if you hadn’t done so when signing up. Barring any changes you might want to make to your account page or password, you may want to hit the picture tab and add a picture of yourself or what have you. I don’t know about how they feel about anything of an obscene nature, but even if they are cool with it, others might not be. Even still, the picture will represent you so that’s on you as to how you want to do that. There is also the design tab to mess around with. You can use Twitter’s default style or you can change the text and background picture and colors. You know, make it more homey. Just PLEASE don’t go Myspace with it. (*BLECCCHH!!*) By the way, you have the option to make your tweets private by checking the “protect my updates” box on the account tab. Then, only those you choose to see your tweets (those that are following you) can see them.

You might also got to the device tab and set twittering from a mobile phone or IM client. No only can you tweet (that’s what they call your posts) from the website, you can tweet from your cellphone via text or by an IM client. We’ll talk about other ways next post. For the phone, you just put in your number and save it. You will probably want to set up a contact for Twitter in your phone. For IM, you put in your Gtalk, Livejournal, or any other Jabber client’s ID and go to town. You can also turn on/off device updates and set a “sleep” time from here. Ok, here’s the deal on this. With device updates on, tweet’s from anyone you follow will be sent to your phone via text, provided you chose to have that person’s tweet sent there. This is cool if you have an unlimited texting plan or like vibration. I still don’t think that if you follow a lot of people (or people who tweet nonstop) and send their tweets to your phone, you’d want to have this to be a factor. But if you do set up for phone updates, you can set up a time that you won’t get the texts. This is handy if say you are in a meeting or, I don’t know, maybe want to sleep.

Now that you have all of that ironed that out, you may want to start twittering. If you are on the website, you will see a text box at the top of the screen where you can make the magic happen. There is a character countdown on the right hand side the goes down as you type. Even though you have a 140 character limit on tweets you can keep typing past that. Once you hit the update button, it’s only going to post 140 characters though. If you have more than that to say, you might want to split the tweet or just blog about it elsewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you are on your cellphone, you already know that you have a cap of between 140-160 characters depending on phone. If you went over 140, your tweet gets split after the 140 mark. Got it, good. All you need now is some commands.

Let’s get some lingo going. Basically there are two things necessary to get around Twitter. Learning how to tweet and replying to tweets. I think the first part is covered, so let’s get to replying. Replys are handled in this manner:

(At the start of a tweet)

@username [whatever you want to say minus the brackets] = @ mean the reply will be publicly seen but directed to the username given.

d username [whatever you want to say minus the brackets] = d means a direct message to username given. I don’t think you can direct message people who are not following you. Haven’t tried it yet though.

These can be done from wherever way you tweet from. There are other commands that might be useful if you are checking things out from a phone. You can find a list of the lingo here.

Below is an example of how the page will look when you sign on from the web.

You have a picture of a person’s tweet(s), their name, the tweet, where they twittered from and a star and an arrow pointing back to the tweet. The star is for when you really like the tweet and want to favorite it. Just click it and go. I’ve yet to really use this even though I’ve come across some great tweets. The arrow is for when you want to reply to the tweet. You just click that and you will see an @username in the box at the top where you update. just start typing your reply and update(leaving a space in between the @username and the start of your reply.

That should just about cover everything you need to get started except for one thing. The whole following thing I’ve been alluding to. On Twitter, you’re either being followed by or following people. Think friending in Myspace, Facebook, etc. and you’re pretty much there. Say you are signed in to Twitter and you come across someone (or you already know someone there) that you find interesting and want to keep up with their updates. On the top of their page under their pictures, you will see a box that says “Follow”(example above). Click that and you start following their updates. If you’ve set it up, you can get an email anytime that someone follows you. So when you start to follow someone, that person might get an email saying that you are following them. If they choose to, they can follow you back, but it’s not mandatory that they do. The same goes for you when someone follows you. You can also block or remove people should they prove to get besides themselves as people on the ‘Net are want to do sometimes. On the same token, you can be blocked at the discretion or the person you are following, so take that as it is.

I should also point out that there potentially could be spam on the service. Using a site called Tweetscan, where companies and others can search through Twitter for keywords of choice. Think Google Alerts but for Twitter. This can be used to find out who’s talking about what (IE: about them) so that they can follow their updates if necessary. While I can see good uses for the site, I’m not so keen (or sure) on how it can be used. After all, the people following you can see and reply to your tweets, but unless you follow them back, that’s about where it stops. Not sure what exactly is gained outside of the fact that you may have mentioned them once. There are those people who somehow seem to follow everybody for rather suspious reasons. If you should happen to check out who’s following you and all they ever post about are links going to something on their site, you should weigh it out. If you like it, cool, if not, do what you must. All of this may sound a bit contradictory when I speak on another site next post, but I think you can handle it.

That’s enough for now. Get to Twittering. Me talking about it doesn’t give it enough justice. And if you care to, send me a message when you get on there.

If you care to read a little more on it, try these places:

Newbie’s guide to Twitter –

The Twitter Handbook

The quick guide to Twitter

I’m sure I’ve missed something, but maybe I’ll catch it for next post. This should be enough to get you out there. Before you know it, you’ll be a Twitterholic in no time.

Looking before you leap…

This is what I get for not checking out my blog roll before posting. Yesterday(as of this post), the super cutie sex/dating/relationship super Blogger FunkyBrownChick wrote a great based on a comment made by some unknown clown. You can check that out here. I recently came across FBC and her site roaming through Twitter. I know, I haven’t talked about that site yet and I will. It’s having issues right now, anyway. That’s another post.

Anywhoo, what’s funny to me is that had I known (she did mention it in the comments though) she was going to bat this one out that fast and post it, I would not have put up the post before this one. But that’s the mark of a good writer. They can do that kind of stuff. I was already embarrassed that the people I knew would see it, but now there the chance that that others might, also. It’s not a bad post, just embarrassing for me (being a shy type person and all). I thought about taking it it down real quick, but I thought about it. Eff it. What’s done is done. And I’m probably making it worse for myself by calling attention to it.:) So up it stays and hiding in the corner, am I. My less than consistent blogging habits don’t help either. ๐Ÿ™‚ Speaking of, hopefully Deja won’t bop me in the head V-8 style.

Now, lest ye be thinking that I’m just hyping up her site because she mentioned me, you need to be ashamed. She’s been on my blog roll since the re-template (I didn’t design it), so you could have very well been over there by now, so there (*sticks out toungue*). It doesn’t matter, and you all know I try to put you up on good things and people…no matter how late that may. So go…and try to foget about the last post.

Couldn’t resist it.

As you can see, I just changed the template of the blog. I got from here. It was done by someone over at and was based from a wordpress template of the same name called Aspire. I was thinking of a change for the blog anyway, so this came along a t a great time. It may still need a tweak or two for my own likeness, but it kind called to me. It’s a little different from the old one, but still has a feel that I kinda like. What’s funny is, it was billed as a template for History or Food bloggers, of which I am not. Hopefully I didn’t break anything in the change. On a side note, it’s taken me about 2 or so hours from the time before I posted this to get it the way it is now. Blogger is a funny animal at times.

At any rate, let me know how you like.

The family that blogs together…

Don’t like each other after a while. I, of course, kid. So some time ago, I told you all that my wife wanted to get into the blogosphere. Well, consider this the “State of the blog” address.

Now, went and set her up a Gmail account and asked if she wasn’t to blog here or get her own space.She, in her own wonderful way got brand new and told me that she didn’t want to blog on my site and that she wanted her own space. ๐Ÿ™‚ She also said that she wanted to be around when I set up the blog to see what goes on. Fair enough. She got me excited when she said that, because it she sounded serious. Cool. At the time I didn’t really have a minute to do anything because I was working, so I got her to start batting around some ideas. At first, she was trippin’ in some of her suggestions and then I thought she was trippin’ when suggested some plain jane stuff. That was my fault because it’s her blog and her’s to do as she wishes. Me, I was thinking of stuff that I don’t do with my joint, so I can’t be judgey, can I?

Anywhoo, the next time I was off, and she told me what she settled on. I offered suggestions of my own and we came to something. What didn’t happen was that we didn’t set the site up. What also didn’t happen was that she didn’t bring it back up unless I mentioned it(mistake #2). When I did bring it up, it was in conversation with about current events and whatnot. Ok, let not lie, it was her doing a 30 minute rant on whatever it was at the time. I really do wish I could hide a recorder in the Living Room and turn it on when she goes on. Epic! Now before I go any further, let it be said that I am not griping about my wife, just giving you a good picture of what you’re missing out on.

Now, during the course of the rant, I mention that she should be blogging this (mistake #3). She tells me that this is not what she would blog about and proceeds to tell me what stuff that she would blog about. this kinda goes against part of what she told me at first, but ok. I then ask if she wants to start working on the blog, she says no. Cool. I let it go after a few time to make a long story short. And here we are. She could very well be still serious about it just not thinking about. Earlier, she told me about plans for a book. I’m keeping my mouth shut (a little). As soon as I try to help or suggest anything, it goes nowhere. I’ll let it go until she asks me about something. The last thing I want to do is pressure her. And I’m off for the next 6 days, so who knows what’s what.

It’s kind of sad, because I think you’d all like her and what she says. I believe she’s kind of scared for reasons of her own (Yea, I know them, but i’m leaving it at that). BTW, Lest you also think this is a critisicm of wifey, I cannot confirm or deny the fact that it is or isn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

That said, it is what it is. I wanna give you all the email address and ask you to blow it up, but I don’t think she’s looked at that address since initially set it up.

The State of the Blog co-writing project? Let’s just say that the word of the day is: Limbo

We now return you to whatever I come up with next.

Now this ought to be good…

Sometime last week, my wife tells me that she wants to start blogging. Normally I would encourage the thought to anyone asking about it, but this was funny to me because whenever she has seen me blogging or even looking at forums (both are synonymous with blogging to her), she look down on it. Yet, I’ve seen her go on Soap Opera forums and either raise cane or laugh at, out loud not on the board, on what was being said there. Heck, I’ve seen her yelling at the the TV because of something she saw or heard on The View, Oprah, Rachael Ray, Meet The Press, the news, or whatever. I’m saying all of this because, obviously, she’s a natural fit to blog yet never wanted to do it. She could probably take on a tag teamed Bill O’Reilly / Rush Limbaugh all by herself…and probably win! She’s not that big in stature, but she makes up for it vocally. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe that is about to change. When she asked me about it, ,I poo pooed the notion because I thought she wasn’t serious. She recently brought it up again and while I still kind of poo pooed it, it piqued me interest. She definitely has a lot to say and it would do so much better in a public forum than just laying around the house with me. So this is where we are right now. One of two things are about to happen: 1) I’m going to set her up with a WordPress page and let her have at it, or 2) I may set her up to guest post here, and she takes off running, we spin her off on her own. The first, I’d be doing that for my own curiosity on WordPress than anything else. The second scenario would be easier for me and it would bring something different to the table. Win win for me either way. I will definitely let you all know, so you can check her out. Let me know what you think about it.

In catching up on my blogs and other random items

This, from my home girl, L. You have to check out the video on the post (if you hadn’t already).
It said a lot and I didn’t have the sound on. Go figure. And congrats on her blog win!

Phat to Fabulous!: Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin’ Every Where…

There is a beautiful (personally) NSFW picture of an oil painting on blogger extraordinaire Voilet Blue’s site, Check that out, here.

Also, check out the latest edition of Soul2Soul from It’s called the Divalicious Edition. You can listen to it there or download it for later. It’s worth the listen.

Honey Soul Music ร‚ยป Soul 2 Soul, Dec. 14, 2006: The Divalicious Edition

There is also the reason why I may have to stop doing Sample Moments. No really, dude’s
got it locked. Check out SoulCrates…your home for SOUL: Show Em Whatcha Got….A Hova Sample Session

Next up is a not one, not two, but a three part mix of Barry White and Isaac Hayes (with a little Marvin, Al Green, and others) on T. Grundy’s RIBS site. Definitely go check those out if you hadn’t already.

Random musical interlude: Songs stuck in my head….(with video)
I wish I knew why

First up: Wham – “Everything She Wants”

Second: Blackalicious – “Make you feel that way

Because I couldn’t find “Paragraph President” and “Alphabet Aerobics’ was done here.

Third: Vanilla Ice – “Ice Ice baby”

I really didn’t look for this one because I don’t know why it popped up. Do have a funny story though. I was in Best buy a couple of weeks back where the satellite radio stuff was when this song came on. Now, I had already been hearing it in my head the last couple of days prior, so I left the area. Turning the corner from the display, I see these 3 young caucasians (two of which in hoodies no doubt) striking a B Boy stance and trippin’ on said song. Needless to say, I found this quite amusing, yet sad at the same time. Anyway, in lieu of the actual song, here is a clip from “In Living Color” that is just as funny.

And last but not least this clip from the show “Scrubs” because thanks to my cousin showing me the clip, i’m singing the damn song.


Oh, and Holla – TRANSFORMERS on Yahoo! Movies
It can’t be good, but I WILL see it….because….it’s F**KIN’ Transformers, MAN!