Attention all shoppers….

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means….

Ok, yea, you’ll wish you hadn’t had that last mound of stuffing, but besides that it’s one week away from the busiest shopping day of the year. The time of year stores LOVE because they will be giving thanks to you for giving them all of your money for the sake of Christmas. You know, when you CLAIM to be Christmas shopping for the family when you are really just getting stuff for yourself (selfish ass). For those of you crazy enough to want to go out and shop during that day, I know you will want a leg up on all of the sales going on for Black Friday. Wait a minute, who came UP with that stupid name anyway and why is it BLACK Friday……..oh!!

Anyway, how will you get a heads up on the sales when the paper with those sales won’t come out until Thanksgiving (sometimes they start advertising the Sunday before)? You are in luck, there are a couple of site that will help you in this time of greed need.

They are:

and Fat

Now covers just that day. It usually has all of the sales that are going to be had on Black Friday at least a week in advance. Which is why i’m telling you about it now. Usually when a store puts it out, they post it. Well, Except this year for Best Buy, who made them take theirs down this year. I don’t know how long they have been doing this, but I found out about them a couple of years ago.

Fat Wallet, I believe, works all year round. They have been around for a while and they pretty much sniff out all of the deals and coupons around the web from places and posts them up on their site. I haven’t used it much, but I have heard of it. It might ask you to sign up, but it appears that you don’t have to in order to take advantage of what is posted.

And there you go. consume until your hearts content. Oh, I want to give up a bonus site that also works all year. It’s called Their thing is: “One day one deal”. Every day they have a new or refurbished item, mostly of a tech related nature, on sale. Once the day is over, the deal is over. Sometimes (like right now when i’m writing this), the will have what is called a Woot-off! That is a day or two when they put something up on the site until it sells out and then put up another item. As I said, that goes on for a day of two and sometimes there is some good stuff that comes up. They even have a nice little funny podcast to go along with the item. The write ups on the items are amusing, too.

Anyway, go check that stuff out if you are so inclined. I just want my 10% commission of front. Leave it at the door on your way out. And no plug nickels either, ya cheapskates!


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Update to last post

I mentioned last post about a deal for Verizon wireless customers (or any interested parties therein) for the Treo 700 at what ended up to be a reduced price with 2 year (with data) plan. I also mentioned that there was the possibility of new Treos coming out real soon. This has partially been confirmed here:

Treo Nitro and Treo Lennon coming to Cingular in October – Engadget Mobile

Why I say partially is because these Treos are upgrades to the already existing 700s. Plus, these are for Cingular and I’ve already mentioned the Sprint one. T-mobile and Vodaphone are getting one and since there was alledged to be 4 announced, then last one should be for Verizon. Hence the deal previously mentioned. Basically, they will have more usable memory plus no antenna like the ones that are out do. It has been said that some current 700 power users aren’t going to like the fact that there will be a new one with more usable memory than they have, but hey, that’s what you kinda get for early adoption. But there is a possiblity that might be worth checking out.

On the Palm website in the Treo store, there is a page where you can find out about trading up your Treo to a new one:

Treo Store: Palm Trade in Program

I’ve been thinking about this a second. I’m interested in getting a Treo, but I’m torn about waiting to see when a new one would come out for Verizon or grabbing the current one for a reduced price. So here’s my thinking: Suppose you took advantage of the previously mentioned rebate and got a Treo. Waited a few months until after the new Treo comes out on Verizon (if you were already a customer), then buy it from Palm’s website, which you would have to do to for the trade in, then trade in your old one for whatever the value is on it. It could possibly still work out better than just waiting and buying the brand new one. The only stumbling blocks are 1) There is no guarantee that you will get that much for your trade in but you can get a quote to see what you will get. 2) I’m not sure what Verizon’s (or any carrier’s) policy on changing phones are. I know most places say that you can get a new phone very two years if you re-up with them. I’ve also heard of people buying new phones every 6 months or so. I have a cousin who does that and barely knows how to use the one she has.

All in all, it’s a curiosity I’m working on. I have until September 10th to decide what I am going to do. Until then, I’m thinking about it. By the way, the trade in program through Palm looks as though it’s been in place for a while and can be used at any time in case any of you Treo users want to upgrade. You know who you are!

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Treo deal, get it while it’s…there.

Need a new cellphone? Would you like the convenience of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with the ability to make phone calls? Are you on Verizon Wireless? Well, if the answers to all of these questions are no, then you may be interested in this “deal”.

Treo Store: Promotions: Save $100 on Treo 700 series smartphones with Verizon Wireless service

Basically, you should already know that if you bought a cellphone with no plan you will pay more than if you bought it with a plan. That’s because whoever you use for a carrier subsidises the cost, I.E, you get a plan through them, they take a little something off the price of the phone. Incidently, stay away from those “free phones” they off with a plan. They are usually discontinued (old) models. If you don’t care for anything other than the ability to make a call, run with it. Anywho, depending on the phone you want, you’ll get anywhere from $50 to $100 of it, usually with a one to two year plan activation of course.

Now, if you take that and tack the deal above, it kind of makes for a good thing. A Treo 700, W for Windows Mobile 5 based or P for Palm based OS, sans plan is $500 or more. One with a plan, preferably 2 year, is $400 to $500. Both depending on where you get them. With the above, if you get the phone through Verizon (assuming on or offline) and get their Broadband access data plan (EVDO), you can get $100 from a mail in rebate from now until September 10th. This bring the price of the phone, minus plan, to $299. Not bad. Interested, click the link above and click learn more next to either version.

Treo’s are hot amongst certain crowds, and with any popular (read: well sold) phone, the price cuts come after a good milking run. The Razr for example. In this case, I have been hearing lately of new Treo’s coming out near the end of this year. In fact, there have been sighting of one in the wild for Sprint users. Coincidence, I think not.

I have a theory. The only time the price goes down or there is a deal like this is when a new line or version of a phone, computer, or whatever is about to come about and a company is trying to grab a little more dough. Such is, possibly, the case with this deal. This is not necessarily a bad thing for the consumer. Except for if you are like me and want to see if the new stuff will add or bump up anything that I might want. At the same time, the new stuff will have a higher tag and I might be better off going with this deal should I choose to get something. There is the rub. The rebate above is not a price cut. There will be one soon, I’m sure, but this rebate takes more off of the price than whatever price cut will. So, you the choice, deal or no deal. Deal, and have a good popular product that is presumably about to be upgraded or wait, possibly paying more, and unless you know for a fact something new is coming soon, risking missing a good deal. Computers are like that every year to18 months or so.

Back to the point, there is a deal. Not a bad product to have for 2 years if you like it. Sure, there is probably something new around the corner but, 2 years is not that long if you’re satisfied. If you want to check the Treo out or any phone, go to This is a great site for cellphone news and to review phones, old new, and upcoming. Broken down by company, phone, and/or carrier. And you can also go to for their reviews.


I’m starting to love this site. It’s called:

Woot : One Day, One Deal

That is exactly what it is. Every day at midnight, a new deal goes up on whatever. And there are some good deals, too! Always something different. Today as I write this, you can get 2 Logitech wireless Playstation 2 controllers for 20 bucks for yourself or the PS2 owner you know. I have one, they cost about $40… for ONE! These controllers do NOT work with Xbox or Xbox 360, let’s make that clear. I think the deal goes on until it sells out. I thought it was until the day is up but i’ve seen stuff that may still be buyable. I could be wrong, though. The catch, you have to have an account with the site and, unfortunately, I don’t know what that entails. I have heard of this site a while back, but wasn’t sure of what is going on with it. Now that i’ve been watching the site the past two weeks, i’m starting to get it.

Anyway, you can check the site each day, bookmark it definitely or subscribe to the RSS feed (if using Firefox, click on the little orange icon in the address bar and save it in your bookmarks). I don’t know which is better, the deal itself, the write up on it, or the podcast (at the top right) that is associated with it. The latter two being quite funny. Check it out for yourself. You might find a good deal in the process. What are you waiting for?

(EDIT) I just checked the FAQ (should have done that from the start). One item goes up at 12 midnight Central time(that’s 1 AM for us Eastern cats) and the go off sale at 11:59 Central time or when item sells out. And since everthing else has an entry, here is their wikipedia page.