We interrupt the first post of the new year for this breaking news…

I just looked in the Sunday paper yesterday thumbing through the circulars (as usual) when I saw something that I shouldn’t be this excited about. Ladies and Gentlemen, MARTIN’S on DVD!! And i’m not talking about his stand up stuff. I’m talking about Martin, Gina, Pam, Tommy, Cole, Brotha Man (excuse me, Bruh man) from the fif flo, and Jerome’s in the house. I said, Jerome’s in the hou-ooh-ow-ooh watch ya mowf! (*ahem*) just to name a few.

*Picture from DVDempire.com

Anyway, i’m excited becase I loved the show and I never thought it would come to DVD. Now, if they could just put out Real Sex, I’ll be a happy man.

Season one of Martin will be on sale starting 01/02/07 (tomorrow). I think I saw it at Circuit City for $21.95. That’s the cheapest i’ve seen yet.

We now return you to whatever was going to be posted

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