If this was a case, it’d be dismissed…(NSFW)

I had to share this. It’s about Angelina Jolie, but how you might be thinking about her. Now, I know what you’re thinking,”Not you too”. Ok, i’ve not talked about Angelina Jolie to anyone but my hand, so cut me some slack. You wan to fuck her to too and you know it. Anyway, the post is kind of funny to me. The blogger’s name is Sam Sugar and it’s his site. I’m a fan of some of his works (most notably Podnography). I’d like to see him argue a court case. He’d win on a “Boston Legal” type basis. Anyway, enjoy.

Angelina Jolie’s Real Marvelous Breasts | SugarBank

(*EDIT*) I wasn’t aware of this until later that the always lovely and entertaining Mistress was one of the sites mentioned in one of Sam Sugar’s Sugasm posts a while back. Apparently, I missed that when it happened.

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Now this is just sad…Now they’re pimpin’ penguins

I ran across this article just now and thought it was funny, really. A rare species of penguin was found off the coast of Australia, tired after it apparently swam a long way long way from where it was. And what does it get for it’s troubles? Check out the story here:

Sex next for rescued ‘Groucho Marx’ penguin

The DVD should be out shortly with a bonus scene of the threesome that you KNOW will happen. Actually, it seems like he’s not complaining much… Then again, I probably wouldn’t mind myself, knowing me.