Your iPad as a Netbook? Magical!!


We interrupt what could have been a post on weighing out the options of buying a Kindle/Nook versus a Tablet PC/Netbook or iPad. Instead, we bring you what will possibly tempt me even more to get an ipad.

 The cool folks at Dvice have a post on this iPad case that has a built in Bluetooth keyboard in it….Brilliant! It’s called the Keyfolio from Kensington. Yes, the makers of fine laptop accessories Kensington. It’s another item in the chain of Foleo (R.I.P) type devices that extends the functionality of the much vaunted oversized ipod touch (not that it’s a bad thing, mind you). Now, looking at the picture I’m wondering how this thing is staying upright considering the keys are reported to be soft and the iPad is heavy. Gravity, people. I assume that has been taken into account, though. Also, it has it’s own power supply, it would be nice to charge the iPad with it. According to the article, it does not. Bummer, but still sounds cool enough to have when it ships in October. It seems a bit pricey at the reported $99-$100 mark, but considering the price of what you’re using it with, you probably won’t care (how about buying me one and a pad to go with it). 

This is actually kind of cool given that the iPad had been billed more as a consumption device than a productivity one. It’ll be no wonder why the Best Buy CEO said that it’s been eating up Netbook sales now. Anyway, check out the link below for the post and a pic. I will be lurking Amazon in a couple of weeks myself. You know, for research.

Ingenious gadget turns any iPad into an Apple netbook


The toy Gods, they love me!

(Via @taswell on Twitter)

No words need to be spoken on how awesome this is! A USB flash drive that transforms into the Decepticon, Ravage. If you know what that last sentence means, you are already trying to click a buy button somewhere. Well sadly, there isn’t one because it comes out in September, but there is a preorder button here:

 Transforming USB Flash Memory (2 GB) – Ravage – Transformers Device Label Device Label at BigBadToyStore

Now, do I care that this thing only has 2GB of memory & that it’s $42.99? Hell Frakking no! As a matter of fact, check out these other transforming USB devices while you’re there. That Blaster transforming USB hub might also be on my list. Go, go now!

(You know, I now wish I hadn’t given away all of my Transformers when I was younger)

More goodies!(want list, part 2)

Keeping this one short, folks. Just follow the linky goodness & everything will be ok. There is a lot to keep up with from CES. The main things are: thinner, internet connected TV’s. That said, here are some of the other things:

Pogoplug – Make any external hard drive accessible from the web. I LIKE IT!

Acoustic Research Harmony Remote killers – If you ever used the multi device controlling goodness of a Logitech Harmony Remote, you will love these. Nuff Said.

Dish Network Terabyte HD-DVR – A DVR(think Tivo) is already Heaven on Earth. So how about adding a honking big hard drive & the ability to watch all of you DVR’d goodness when you are on the road Slingbox style. Your dreams (and mine) have now been fulfilled. Please buy me one when they are available this Spring. I will love you FOREVER!

Realview 3-D desktop scanner – Ok, I have no real use for this, but it is cool. A 3-D scanner, what can be cooler than that, outside of the stuff mentioned above?

Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector – I’ve mentioned a projector similar to this in the last post. I would love one of these to take on trips. It would fit right in with my Geek travel kit(a post for another time).

Samsung HT-BD1250 Home Theater Systems
– Yes, Home Theater Systems are nothing new, or are they. These babies are taking it to the next level by adding support for Internet connected services like Blu-ray DVD’s BD-Live, Netflix streaming video, & my personal favorite, Pandora Internet Radio(you all know how much I LOVE Pandora).

Wowwee’s 2009 product line – From the home of the sometimes lifelike, possibly potential killer animatronic toy makers, comes a bunch of goodies that you will have to check out for yourself. The ipod projector might be cool. The Koala is cute, but I wouldn’t turn my back on that summa beach for a millisecond. Yes, I love robotics as much as the next guys, but I am also on Ropocalypse watch. Zombie watch too, but that doesn’t fit for this post.

There you have it for now. Will bring you more later. I told you all this is a good one this year!

Geek Christmas comes again (want list starts now)

Happy New Year, all!

You all know what time it is. It’s a new year which means CES is here. The Consumer Electronics Show that happens every year around this time(this year Jan. 8th-11th). This also means that it’s time for Geek Christmas. And this year proposes not to suck like last year did, I’m happy to say. If fact, I have some picks of the show already, thanks to Engadget. The want list for this year is looking to be pretty good. Now if only the “can get” funds would work with me. Anyway, check these out & I’ll be back later with more.

Asus EEE PC T91 Tablet

Ok, I’ve been looking into Netbooks(more on that later) for months now. The only other thing I’ve been looking into are Tablet PC’s. Asus read my mind…Ok, it was a natural progression, but work with me. You basically have a laptop roughly the size of the Amazon Kindle. HELL YES! That’s exactly what i’ve been looking for. I think I’m in love…depending on price, memory, & battery issues, that is. Still love.

LG GD910 wrist phone

Not much to say. Get your Dick Tracy on with this watch. Yea you’ll look stupid talking to a watch, but compared to walking around with an earpiece talking to yourself like a fool(confession: I’ve done it. Don’t act like I’m the only one). And it’s not ugly, either.

Just about anything from BUG Labs

I’ve not talked about these folks before, I don’t think. The BUG Labs folks make mini modular kits that you can mix & match to do what ever is offered. It’s pretty cool. They now have a projector based on Texas Instruments’ Pico technology. May have talked about having projectors in cellphones before, the same tech is here. I need to look into this stuff even more.

That’s it for now. More later.

As always, i’m following these places:

Gearlog/PC Mag
(new this year) thegadget411 (Shout out to my girl, Lizmoney)
also (new this year) expecting a podcast from

for coverage because I am not in Vegas, where this is held. I think that is on my list, though.

New Toy!

Hey guess what? I just got new camera about a week ago. Now before you start grumbling, no I will not saturate with pictures every day. In fact, there is no telling if I will post anything I take after this. Well, that is probably a lie, but I to try. Really, I just been taking random shots trying to feel it out. I’ve always loved photography, but never got serious about it… Well, there was that one time I tried to get into nude photography, but that never took off (yuck yuck).

The camera I got was the Canon A610. It’s a pretty good camera so far. It’s not real fast, but it takes good pictures which, of course, has some dependency on the user. I just wanted a point and shoot camera with a tinge of manual features that I can mess with. You know, something to whip out on short trips and such. I plan to get a “heavy duty” prosumer camera later, so I can really get into the mode. I also have an old 35mm camera for when I feel like going back to film. I love digital, but there is still something to be said for film photography. It’s kind of like vinyl (records) versus CD’s. They both have there place in my heart. Some things just sound good on records.

Anyway, if I do come across any good shots, I may put it up. Oh, it does video also, but personally, it still seems to me silly to have tht capability on a still camera. DOn’t get me wrong, I can see the use for it, but it still seems silly. But hey, what do I know, I never cared for cameras in cell phones and PDA’s or the mixture of all three.

Oh berfore I get to the couple of pictures I do want to share, I have to mention this. I was asked to read a work in progress for an acqauintence of mine a while back and I just started. I assume she wants my opinion on it, which she’s going to get regardless. So far, I am liking the way it started. I wish I could say more about it, but i can’t. It wouldn’t be fair to her anyway. But I will say that I am looking forward to reading it more. I don’t do much reading as I used to so it really takes something to get into a book or something of the like. Unless it’s something erotic, then my interest is picqued if it starts well. What I reading now is not erotic literature that I know of, but it’s starting out good. You know what I want? If some of you out there write whether for hobby, personal, or whatever, share. You may have something people need to read. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing it even though I NO book publishing conections what so ever. I’ve wanted to start a site to share some works, but I don’t know if that will ever fly. But if you wouldn’t mind letting a complete stranger check out your goods (well if you’ve been with me this long, we aren’t strangers), you can send it to my email address. Poetry, short story, haiku, naughty limerick, novel, erotic, or not. I don’t care. Just no WAR AND PEACE type thickness. I can never promise to read it. Just thought i’d throw that out there, though.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have a couple of pictures to show you. This was involving showing the camera to my wife. Now, if these happen to disappear, you can guess why.

This is my wife before she found out I had the camera.

This is my wife after she found out I had the camera.

And on that note, i’m out!