How’s about that, it seems that it’s that time again

In the 365 days a year we have, there is only one set aside for love. I’m not here to debate how wrong that is(because it is), but what I am hear to tell you about is that during this time of joy, there is an event of monumental proportions happening. What is this event I’m speaking of? It is the annual Cupid Hunt Podcast Event sired by Mr. TGrundy aka “Mr. Brilliant”. Recall, if you will, my mentioning of it(pause for dream sequence). Done? Good, well now it’s that time again, and guess who’s joined in the fun? ME! Kind of makes sense, I speak on music occasionally. I’ve posted playlists in a couple of places on the net. Natural fit, right? Of course it is.

So I know you’re asking the question: “Roddy, where can these mixes be found?” Well, younglings, I will tell you. The Great List of mixes and also information on the Cupid Hunt can be found at TGrundy’s site, Rhythms In Black Satin.  I recommend you go there & have at all of the mixes available. You will NOT be disappointed! Now, if you are possibly saying to yourself, “Didn’t he just mention that he did a mix? Where is that?” Well, that was nice of you to notice. In addition to a link to my mix being found at TGrundy’s site, you can go directly there from here:

Cupid Hunt 2009: Lights, Camera, Slow Jams [Music inspired by the music inspired by Motion Picture love]*

More on that particular site next post. For now, enjoy the music. 🙂

* I almost went with this as the title of my mix. Almost.

T for giving

Song of the Moment
EPMD – Da Joint

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all. Normally, I’m not big on the holiday season for various reasons. I try to give thanks more often than once a year, I see my a lot of my family on a consistent basis, & gifts can be given any time of the year. No, I’m not scrooging out, just sayin’. There’s a lot to be thankful for.

Anywhoo, did y’all know that there was a Mr. T cartoon back in the 80’s? I used to watch the Hell out of Saturday morning cartoons, & I remember this like it was yesterday. We had the best cartoons back then. Recently, this cartoon came up in a random thought. Now, in this post. 🙂

Mister T – Mystery of the Golden Medallion Pt. 1

Boo, I didn’t a black Friday post. Hit up Black Friday ads or Fatwallet. Sorry, just came off of a long work week & I’m lazy…er.

I’m thankful for all of the experiences I’ve had, good and bad(especially fairly recently). The bad ones make me appreciate the good ones that much better.

I’m learning not to waste energy on things I can’t change. I soooo *heart* the person that is teaching me that. 🙂 It’s still a work in progress.

I just got a neat gadget a little while ago. I need to talk about it.

Still looking for a laptop, though. Anybody wanna kick out some funds?

I think the puppies are gone. I haven’t checked in a minute. Glad I didn’t get too attached, if so. 🙂 Sorry for those that did. 🙁

Twitter is still the bomb.

Mister T – Mystery of the Golden Medallion Pt. 2

I was going to write this post using only T’s. better sense prevailed. I post using all B’s is forthcoming, though.

Oh, one last thing:

First name, Mister. middle name, period. Last name, T!

Second Christmas starts today!!!

Yes folks, it’s that time again. The Consumer Electronics Show (January 7-10) comes to Sin City bringing joy, merriment, (A Porn convention across the street), all types of gadgety goodness upon the land. I believe last year I called it a geeks Second Christmas or something like that, not that we needed one. The good part is that the show brings with it all of the tech goodies that will possibly come out during the year. The bad parts, I probably can’t afford some of the stuff I would no doubt drool over if I was there and , oh yeah, I’M NOT THERE! But I can’t let that stop me from watching the no doubt extensive coverage from CNET and Engadget (among other places) that will be going on. There will be announcements and products big and small and during the course of the week (because I do have to work and won’t have a heck of a lot of time to sift through 3 days worth of stuff), I will bring you what I will probably drool over for months to come(in the form of my Want List). It could be this years entries for the worlds biggest TVs or perhaps some gaming peripherals or cellphones or whatnots. Things have already started being announced so I’m already behind. So hopefully, I will through up some stuff i find later on today if not tomorrow. Stick around if you hadn’t clicked away already. If you haven’t, you’re a braver soul than I thought.

Oh, there are also discussion panels that go on during CES so if you like that kind of stuff, there are podcast (audio and video) feeds that can be subscribed to from here. I haven’t checked any of it out yet, but there is plenty to go through.


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This day after Thankgiving thing again…

Twas the week of Thanksgiving and all over the place,everybody’s waiting for Friday, like it was a damn race!

Yep, the day that people all over the U.S. braces for in anticipation. The one Holiday to rule them all, for retail stores. Yes, I’m talking about the first official shopping day of Christmas. Forget the day before and the turkey that is eaten on that day. that day is to give thanks for the two days off and the the shopping therein. Sounds snarky? Maybe a bit, but let’s get to the reason of the post. Black Friday is the day in question, and though I don’t know why it’s called that and don’t put much stock in it, but there is a purpose for those who do. The purpose, there are deals to be had and here is where to do a couple of them. The sales are usually out before the actually day and here are a couple of places to find them.
Mild mannered deal and (online) coupon site by day, early Black Friday sales poster by Thanksgiving. I’ve not used this site before, but I may come here more often for coupons to online stores and such.

The original (well, at least the first one that I’ve come across) site for Black Friday deals. Just like Dealnews, they have the ads the week or more before the day. They also have coupons and apparently a shopping list that you can access should you sign up with them (that’s at your discretion).

One note: Walmart has been having sales for the last few Fridays to try to siphon off the madness that is Black Friday. One of these said sale was a $99 HD DVD player from Toshiba. I missed out on that, but it doesn’t matter because I’m not trying to get into this HD Format war. That’s another story. Wally world had also banned sites such as these from posting their ads before this week for reasons of selfishness and sales, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’m sure there are more sites with other stuff, but really, I have a feeling they will be repeating the same ads. So, you have your ammo, go give ’em hell. I’m not trying to be out in that mess. That’s what the internet is for. And Cyber Monday, as stupid as that sounds.


I almost forgot, there is also one of my favorite sites out there, They have one thing on sale every day. Mostly something electronic in nature, but worth a look. Sometimes, they have side deals that are ironically on the top of the page and you get a song if nothing else. There is also there sister sites, wine.woot and shirt.woot for…those items.

And I TOTALLY forgot about They’ve been doing their thing for a while now. possibly longer than Dealnews. I don’t know. Check them out also. OUT!

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’06 roddy suxed musically

Song of the Moment

“Music For Life” Ft. J Dilla, Nas, Common, Busta Rhymes Marsha Of Floetry

It’s true. I was there. I was in a box musically where I’ve never kept myself. I missed out on a lot of good music in the past year or two. I’m getting better. I have help. Pandora’s riding shotgun even though I hadn’t been on there much lately. Honeysoul and Neosoulcafe are starting to keep me in line and I can’t forget about my man T. Grundy who constantly reminds me what and where the real music stays. I’m set, but I hate the fact that I believed that Soul music was in hibernation.

I don’t listen to the radio much because it seems that the same songs get played every 15 minutes or so. I can’t deal with that. And as far as Rap is concerned, I don’t know, i’m biased because of the school I came from seem more true than these cats out now. That’s now fair even if it is true, so I plan to stick my ear back to the ground check the sound. Jazz for me is an ever growing love. I’ve been exposed to it when I was little and I was hooked ever since. In ’06, I checked out a couple things on the contemporary front, but I lapsed on the classic stuff. Anyway, I am making a conscious effort to rebuild the blocks that fell off my house. Wanna know what I’ve done so far? Let’s stick with Soul for the time being. It’s actually not much, but it’s a step.

You’ve seen my post on Sy Smith, right? I’m looking for true artists like this lady. There are a few and unfortunately I may have to trek into that ungodly den called Myspace (no offense to my known Myspace junkies. I still love you all.) to listen to them. Here are a few:

Darien Brockington

Chrisette Michelle


Kimy (Definitely check this one out.)

There are a few more, but you get the point. Like I said, I’m working out. And speaking for working it out, it’s is Valentine’s Day. Whether that means anything to you or not, it’s always a good day for some great music. On that, I’m going to have to ask you to point your browser to this link:

NetInfoWeb 2.0: Soul, R Jazz and Blues on the ‘Net » ‘The Event’: Valentine’s Day-Triple Play…

In a case of my man never letting me down, Mr. TGrundy hosts a very interesting post full of great music mixes as he says, “3 Musketeers” style between himself, Grantlove, and EJ Flavors (whom I’ve checked out in the past and will be hitting up his spot with more frequency). And even if you see this post after February 14th, still check the mixes. After all, you’re still going to Love and/or be in love after today, right? RIGHT?

We interrupt the first post of the new year for this breaking news…

I just looked in the Sunday paper yesterday thumbing through the circulars (as usual) when I saw something that I shouldn’t be this excited about. Ladies and Gentlemen, MARTIN’S on DVD!! And i’m not talking about his stand up stuff. I’m talking about Martin, Gina, Pam, Tommy, Cole, Brotha Man (excuse me, Bruh man) from the fif flo, and Jerome’s in the house. I said, Jerome’s in the hou-ooh-ow-ooh watch ya mowf! (*ahem*) just to name a few.

*Picture from

Anyway, i’m excited becase I loved the show and I never thought it would come to DVD. Now, if they could just put out Real Sex, I’ll be a happy man.

Season one of Martin will be on sale starting 01/02/07 (tomorrow). I think I saw it at Circuit City for $21.95. That’s the cheapest i’ve seen yet.

We now return you to whatever was going to be posted

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Attention all shoppers, Pt 2 – Geek bearing gift guides

Twas the week five days before Christmas
and all through the town.
People are scrambling for gifts,
and knocking others down.

Ok, so that wasn’t my best rendition, but you get the point. It’s crunch time, and i’m here to help. If you’ve gotten your shopping done, Hoorah! If not, join the club. Anyway, when I first started blogging last year, I put out a similar post on the different Holiday gift guides on the web, so this could be an annual event. And since I know time’s precious (and I have to go to work in a few), let’s get it going.

First up: For the tech inclined (like me)

CNET does a gift guide every year. It’s broken down all nice and neat into categories. There’s even video and podcasts to go all with it. Some of he videos were from their recent Holiday Helpdesk that was streamed a couple of weeks back. Should have told you about it then.

Holiday Gift Guide 2006 –

EngadgetEngadget’s Holiday Gift Guide! – Engadget

I love this site, in general. If you are a gadget lover, this is the place for news. Their guide is broken down by person (Mom, Dad, Him, Her, etc). Nicely done.

DL.TV – Episode 114: Our first annual Holiday Shopping Guide! – DL.TV

DL.TV is a web video show hosted by two former Tech TV hosts. Great show in general. Good stuff.

Also check the Gadgettes podcast, They drop names of gadgets like it’s going out of style. They even did a non denominational holiday gift podcast.

For the gamers in the house (like me)

1up.com2006 Videogame Gift Guide from

Great gaming site (of which I have a blog page on). Their guide is broken down by platform (PS2, Xbox, etc).

Gamespot.comGameSpot Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for Gamers

Another great site. Part of the CNET Networks (redundant I know). Their guide is also broken up by platform.

For the sexually inclined (yea me too) (the online side of the San Fransisco Chronicle – Sexy Holiday Shopping Guide

Admittedly, I didn’t spend much time on this one as I should have.

Author, columnist, geek, machinist, (audio, video, and text) blogger Violet Blue has some suggestions on what to put under the tree… or anywhere else you want to stick something. Hopefully, I hope to add more to this section later.


I found this link from a couple of weeks back. It has links to other sex themed holiday guides (useful year round). check out: Viviane’s Sex Carnival: Gift guides roundup.

For the music lovers (note the theme here people) –
Admitted, this is another section I didn’t spend much time but still are worth checking out. – Holiday Gift Guide – CDs, Music Downloads, and Accessories
Also a part of the CNET family. good site laid out by genre and has a section for MP3 playing hardware (probably Ipods, but I could be wrong). – allmusic ((( 2006 Holiday Buying Guide )))

Music site where I link to quite often when I do music related posts (which I’m past due on). Guide done by genre, of course. I think borrowed reviews and such from A lot of places do.

For the TV lovers
(not so much me) – Holiday Gift Guide – DVDs, Sountracks and Electronics

If it’s not painfully obvious what this site is about, then allow me to redirect you to another site. Anyway, it’s another CNET property. Usually hit them up for show recaps and whatnot.

And (for now), there you have it. I may stick in one or two others should I come across anything in the next day or two. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas to go off from. If not, you are on your own.

Happy Holidays!


If there was ever a question about why I am kind of hot and heavy with the posting within the last day or two it’s because I have a lot that I hadn’t put out yet, so i’m catching up. Plus, I’m lazy so I have to do it when I get the steam. Either that or i’m trying to catch up to The L…. Naaah, it’s the first one but the thought is tempting. Oh and before I go on. I let this month slip by without mentioning that it’s National Black Music Month. So celebrate with your favorite genre of music because most, if not all, major genres of music have African or African American influences. That last part is fact that no one can dispute. Hence, my music themed posts, I guess. There are a couple more to go too. Anyway, carry on.


It’s Black History month, who knew?

I just though of something, it’s been 3 days and i’ve heard no mention of Black History Month, of which is is. Hell, I’ve heard more of Groundhog’s Day than I have of Black History Month. Not bitter, mind you. A bit peeved, but not bitter. And for that matter, does matter to people? Particularly, African Americans (of which I am one, if that wasn’t painfully apparent). I don’t know too many that seem to give it much thought. I myself included. As far as I know, it’s not (or really never has) been taught well in school. This may be taken up as the month goes by. And realistically should be taken up after the month goes by. For now, we are here. And while we’re, check this out. When I thought of this, I decided to check out some resources on the net. Not the best time to do this, at work, but hey. I tried to check to and see if was active, and it is. I haven’t checked it out thoroughly, but it doesn’t seem too bad. Some discussion(a bit light seemingly) and some E-commerce sprinkled in. Then I tried to look up It comes up as an AOL site, Black Voices. It feels like an “Entertainment Tonight” with black folks. I was originally looking for the site for the old Microsoft program, Africana (around 2001). It’s used to be a pretty good encyclopdeia for Black History. They put it in with Encarta last I heard, so it’s probably forgotten. I will look for other computer programs similiar to this. I don’t know. I’ll be checking for more, but you can peruse these at your leisure.