Alright, so there was fail

So, here it is October 1st and I didn’t come close to meeting the mark for NaBloPoMo. Full on, fail! I offer no excuses(at least any that would matter), but it did spark a little something in me at least. I just have to grab hold of that and ride it out. The brain dump that was planned met with an unstoppable force. Sadly, it’s been the same force that’s been stopping a lot of things with me lately. While I figure that out, I can at least work on and bring out the ones that are remotely done. Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know. But I am, so deal with it. 🙂

Can’t leave blogging alone, the game needs me

Okay, that’s pretty much not all true, but the first part is. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and have kind of missed it. I’ve definitely had plenty of things to talk about even if I didn’t post. Chances are, I will probably get around to putting them up especially since most if not all have to do with something geeky, techy, and thereby relevant. Incidentally, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on as I’m writing this. There will not doubt be 2010 version of the Want List, for sure. I have been quite lazy about a lot of things, this being but one, but I am in the midst of finding my flow again. . Not really a new year’s thing, just a thing in general. Oh, I’m also considering moving this blog since I now have another blog that’s being hosted somewhere. So for those one or two of you that still check for me in your RSS readers after all this time, thank you. I hope I am what you expected. 🙂

And now, on the the geekery…!

Go see the doctorrrrr!

     I felt strangely compelled to blog about this lab I had to go do this morning. But first, a little background. last Monday, I went for a physical for the first time in a while. I need to start taking better care of myself, I figured I should see where I am right now. For the most part I was deemed healthy, but my blood pressure was up when I got checked the first time (probably due to the fact that I had just gotten off work a few hours prior & also had some stuff on my mind that was bugging me). Folks, don’t schedule physicals for right after work. Nuff said. I did tell the doctor that I was coming from work & hadn’t slept before my pressure was taken. It was retaken after the rest of the physical was done just to make sure.  I also have to go back in January just to be on the safe side, or so I was told. That’s not what this post is about per se, but it all started here.

   There was another somewhat funny moment at this appointment that I should have blogged about then. I was being hooked up to an EKG machine (which is NOT SOP in a physical that I know of) because…I’m not sure. Could have been because of the initial blood pressure check. Y’all, I was so tired I didn’t bother to ask. The doc told me something, but I don’t remember. So here’s what happened. The nurse came in to hook me up to the EKG. This involves sticking tape & sensors to various parts of the arms & chest. Wellll, 1) there was considerable problems getting said tape to stay on my body in places. Probably because I had on lotion (or my body is Teflon based). 2) I have a hairy chest, so pulling off the tape in that area was an issue with me. The nurse “let” me take those off. 3) The nurse was having printer problems after the third time trying. She gave up after that. The doc asked her to try again after swabbing me down with alcohol in the places needed. We both laughed hard about the whole thing. 4) Oh, and I was cold as shit & didn’t have one of those stupid gowns on! All I had on were just underwear & socks, y’all. Come to think of it, the socks came off at one point. Folks, I can’t stand the cold! I was literally shaking like a leaf the whole time. It was a surprise that she got any good readings at all. I had to brace myself to keep from shaking & that didn’t work.

     At any rate, like I said before, I was was deemed fairly healthy by the doctor, but he still was concerned about about a couple of things, one of which being the circulation going to my legs. The other, my Cholesterol, was another appointment that I’ve already had, but don’t know the results of yet. The reason for this appointment (possibly outside of milking my HMO for moolah), was because they want your stomach to be at least 8 hours empty. Now, by the time I even saw the doctor, it was about that & my stomach was growling. I guess the whole don’t eat after midnight thing you hear about has something to it. Don’t know. And I’m not totally sure about the doctors whole concern was. I have some sort of idea, but he & I might differ as to the cause of it. As far as I know, I’m alright. Yea, I know, Damn!

     To keep this post from being too long (and I’m kinda tired at the moment), I’ll save today’s escapades until later on. I will go ahead and bottom line this for those of you who don’t care about this(and why are you reading this, then?):

Go get your self checked every year & ummm, schedule the damn thing when you are not working. You don’t want to take work (or any kind of) stress into your physical. If you do, let them know about it when you get there. You do NOT want them thinking it’s something that it’s not. Granted, you can’t help the fact that you might be stressed when it comes.

I twittered about this. Prostate exams are not comfortable or fun but necessary after a certain age. I’m not at that age yet, but had one anyway. Wasn’t given much choice that I remember. That is all.


(From the annals of my yesteryears)

Song Of The Moment
Sometimes – Anita Baker

Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose.
Sometimes you hurt the ones you love,
Most times they claim to love you, but
hurt you more.
Sometimes you can accept a lot of things
Sometimes you refuse.
You can take this any way you want,
It’s your right to choose.

Sometimes you play the game right,
Sometimes you make your own rules.
All the the times you should be honest with yourself
& not play people for fools.
Sometimes there is peace in the valley,
other times there is a fight.
I’m looking for the light at the end of the tunnel
because sometimes it’s too dark.

Sometimes you can find the right words to say
Sometimes you just don’t know
Sometimes your friends come in at just the right time
They always go out at the wrong time
Sometimes someone’s messing up the flow.
When they do, you gotta go or they do.

Sometimes you want to be fucked with
or fucked by
But sometimes you just get fucked up
or fucked over
And sometimes, your chances of the latter
are better than finding a four leaf clover

(Screams of) Passion

This post is probably not what you think it is about. Might have been a slight misdirection on my part, but you love me. This is not about sexual passion, you can go elsewhere for that. No, this is about the passion of doing something you love. This is how I came to think about this.

Recently, I was talking to a new friend of mine, Adrienne, whom I pretty much met through Patrice, asked me one simple question: “What is your passion?” So I proceeded to answer here with stuff that I love like Tech/gadgets, music, photography. You know, the stuff I usually talk about here (minus photography). She said, ‘No, those are things you love. What are you PASSIONATE about?” I thought about it. Thought about everything I had just ran down and then some. I couldn’t think of one thing that I felt passionate about and that’s what I told her. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I kinda felt I kinda felt a little depressed. Didn’t tell her that,but it might have caught in my voice. She then went on to tell me the stuff that she was passionate about (of which I pretty much knew about at this point) She also told me, “The next time I ask you that question, you have answer for me.” I laughed and said, “Yes, Ma’am!” Well, thankfully she has asked me yet because it’s been about 2 or 3 days since that conversation and I STILL don’t have an answer. It bothers me too. Out of everything I love (and could be doing with my time off), I still can’t think of one thing that I am passionate about. Fam, I’m not going to lie, that sucks and i’ll say it again, it’s depressing.

So what am going to do about it? Probably spend the next few days, weeks, months figuring out the answer (and hope that should she see this she don’t trip). I love conversations like this and have been having a few lately with folks, but it doesn’t make the outcome of them any better or worse for me. Slightly mopey about it, but I’m strong, so I’ll be alright. Don’t you worry. But until such a time as I come up with an answer I want to pose the same question to you all out there.

What is your passion? What are you passionate about? Not what you love, either. PASSION(ATE).

Talk to me! Oh, and Adrienne, Thanks for that spark. 🙂 I think I needed it.

Quiet Passion


Faster than a rolling ‘O’!
Stronger than silent ‘E’!
Able to capital ‘T’ in a single bound!
it’s a word, it’s a plan…it’s LETTERMAN! (Dun Dun DUUUNNNN)*

If those words mean nothing to you, you have no childhood (or were born in the ’80’s. Same thing.). 🙂

This was the intro to one of my favorite segments of the 70’s TV show The Electric Company(one of my favorite shows), The Adventures of Letterman. No, it has nothing to do with the late night talk show host. It was the Electric Company equivalent of Superman (but way cooler). There were about 60 done during the course of EC’s run. I loved it. In it, the evil Spellbinder (voiced by Zero Mostel) ruins someone’s day by gets his kicks by changing the word associated with whatever the event of the time would be with his magic wand. Our hero, Letterman (voiced by Gene Wilder), would run in, (most times) pull the letter(s) off of his Varsity Sweater, change the messed up word, and save the day. All while being narrated by Joan Rivers.

Why do I bring this up? The nostalgia bug bit me, of course. So I present to you a couple of clips of this wonderful piece of history courtesy of Youtube. By the way, you know this was done in the seventies when you listen to the opening music. Pure funk, baby. Can you dig it?

In the Beginning (the origin story, if you will)

The Roar of Rage

A Rolling Bun Gathers No Seeds

If you want to see more of this (of course you do), head on over to the usual spot. They need to put them all on DVD. I’d buy it. And yes, I know there is area couple of Best of Electric Company sets out, it’s not all of the shows.

Couldn’t resist it.

As you can see, I just changed the template of the blog. I got from here. It was done by someone over at and was based from a wordpress template of the same name called Aspire. I was thinking of a change for the blog anyway, so this came along a t a great time. It may still need a tweak or two for my own likeness, but it kind called to me. It’s a little different from the old one, but still has a feel that I kinda like. What’s funny is, it was billed as a template for History or Food bloggers, of which I am not. Hopefully I didn’t break anything in the change. On a side note, it’s taken me about 2 or so hours from the time before I posted this to get it the way it is now. Blogger is a funny animal at times.

At any rate, let me know how you like.

Song of the Moment: Explained!

If you’ve been around these parts for a minute, you will have noticed from time to time my mentions of Songs of the Moment (SotM). Chances are, you probably haven’t so, you probably haven’t. I used to do it a reasonable amount on here, but just really haven’t. Actually, I’ve pretty much taken up that task on other platforms. So, since I have a sec, I will explain it to you anyway if I hadn’t already.

So, a Song of the Moment is that song that you might hear on the radio that sticks with you for a while and won’t go away(unless you force it, because it stays with you my friend, and if you*….um, yeah). Anyway, it could be that song that someone happens to be humming and it attaches to you like a leech. Could be the song you woke up singing. Could be the little ditty in the shower that sticks around afterward. You get the point, I think. For me, it’s a combination of those things, plus a a couple of others. I have any number of songs running through my head at any given moment. There are some that stick around for sometimes days, or for 30 seconds or so. Sometimes, a song will pop up in the midst of a conversation with someone. Sometimes, I’m the one the that’s humming the songs that other people catch on to subliminally (I know I’m not the only one, but it feels special to me). Sometimes, you gotta do right, for you to be happy…

A lot times, a Song of the Moment has nothing to do with how I’m currently feeling or what I’m writing about. It’s not too often, at least to my knowledge, that there is a correlation, but it can and does happen. I don’t play the radio in my car as I have an MP3 player, so any song that I’m listening to there was meant to be played. And I thought I would have some kind of hard and fast rules about what constitutes a Song of the Moment candidate, but outside what I’ve already said, there isn’t much else. The only thing I’d make a rule to is the fact the song has to stick your head for a reasonable amount of time. Obvious, you think of a song and 30 seconds later it’s gone, while that’s is truly a song of the moment, it doesn’t qualify. I guess if you tack on the fact that if you are on to a song that you hold on to until you could foresee ably write it down somewhere, that could qualify.

The reason I don’t actually write down (or post) every time I have one of these moments, is because I’d be here (or somewhere) every other minute or so. There was, a time where I was going to write down every song that stuck in my head to see if there was some hidden correlation to how I was feeling at the moment. I quickly realized that was a fools’ errand. 🙂 Hell, if I typed every song I thought about during the typing of this post (including the ones I’ve alluded to), I’d never finish it. It’s like that sometimes.

Anyway, that explains that. If you come across any past or future posts that bear the mark of Song of the Moment, stand proud to know that mark of….excellence(?) means. I mean, outside of the obvious meaning, anyway. So without further ado:

Song of the Moment
Cherish the Day – Sade

And since you probably saw this one coming, I have a question for you. What is your song of the moment? You think there is any meaning to it, or did it randomly pop into your head and you couldn’t help yourself from singing it? Inquiring minds, want to know.

Incidently, I would have linked to older Song of the Moment posts, but I apparently don’t have them tagged, and I’m sleepy right now. Maybe I’ll go back and do that sometimes. Maybe.

(edit) SotM is not the same as np (Now Playing) because I’m not normally actually playing the song that becomes a SotM. Don’t know why I felt compelled to add this. I should NOT be writing while I’m sleepy.

* – Bonus: if you know where that line came from. What’s the bonus:? Satisfaction (I got the right tactics) that you are one step closer to being like the madness of my method. 🙂 Lucky you. And if you need ’em, i got crazy prophylactics.

The family that blogs together…

Don’t like each other after a while. I, of course, kid. So some time ago, I told you all that my wife wanted to get into the blogosphere. Well, consider this the “State of the blog” address.

Now, went and set her up a Gmail account and asked if she wasn’t to blog here or get her own space.She, in her own wonderful way got brand new and told me that she didn’t want to blog on my site and that she wanted her own space. 🙂 She also said that she wanted to be around when I set up the blog to see what goes on. Fair enough. She got me excited when she said that, because it she sounded serious. Cool. At the time I didn’t really have a minute to do anything because I was working, so I got her to start batting around some ideas. At first, she was trippin’ in some of her suggestions and then I thought she was trippin’ when suggested some plain jane stuff. That was my fault because it’s her blog and her’s to do as she wishes. Me, I was thinking of stuff that I don’t do with my joint, so I can’t be judgey, can I?

Anywhoo, the next time I was off, and she told me what she settled on. I offered suggestions of my own and we came to something. What didn’t happen was that we didn’t set the site up. What also didn’t happen was that she didn’t bring it back up unless I mentioned it(mistake #2). When I did bring it up, it was in conversation with about current events and whatnot. Ok, let not lie, it was her doing a 30 minute rant on whatever it was at the time. I really do wish I could hide a recorder in the Living Room and turn it on when she goes on. Epic! Now before I go any further, let it be said that I am not griping about my wife, just giving you a good picture of what you’re missing out on.

Now, during the course of the rant, I mention that she should be blogging this (mistake #3). She tells me that this is not what she would blog about and proceeds to tell me what stuff that she would blog about. this kinda goes against part of what she told me at first, but ok. I then ask if she wants to start working on the blog, she says no. Cool. I let it go after a few time to make a long story short. And here we are. She could very well be still serious about it just not thinking about. Earlier, she told me about plans for a book. I’m keeping my mouth shut (a little). As soon as I try to help or suggest anything, it goes nowhere. I’ll let it go until she asks me about something. The last thing I want to do is pressure her. And I’m off for the next 6 days, so who knows what’s what.

It’s kind of sad, because I think you’d all like her and what she says. I believe she’s kind of scared for reasons of her own (Yea, I know them, but i’m leaving it at that). BTW, Lest you also think this is a critisicm of wifey, I cannot confirm or deny the fact that it is or isn’t. 🙂

That said, it is what it is. I wanna give you all the email address and ask you to blow it up, but I don’t think she’s looked at that address since initially set it up.

The State of the Blog co-writing project? Let’s just say that the word of the day is: Limbo

We now return you to whatever I come up with next.