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Test post. Might be something coming soon? Might not be. WordPress app. Hah. Nice. Here a couple of pictures.

You know, having now seen Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2, I’ve wondered what a Michelle Yeoh as Hela would be like. Don’t get me wrong, Kate Blanchett did the thing, but just curious.

Podcast topic? Maybe. Mindless ramblings? Yep. Daily…well, sporadic operation.

The Lolled Garden

So, right before I went on hiatus months ago, I was sitting here one morning lurking Twitter. For whatever reason, there was a meme or something floating around that had me giggling. I was two seconds from unleashing what would be the contents of this post on the early rising twitter community when I opted not to. Had I released the hounds, it would have been strictly for my own yuks and guffaws, which means there would be some annoyed campers out there, probably. I was thinking, how many words, phrases, movie/book/song titles could be replaced with some form of ‘lol’. The results below are a small sampling of what I came up with[insert Law & Order sound effect]. So now, you lucky people get the benefit of seeing the full on flop in one fail swoop*. Who says I don’t love you all?


Lol of the wild


Raiders of the lols ark

Lolmark cards

Buzz out lol

Lol lol lollol lol lol  – smurf song

Lol in the family

Lols barkley

Lol of lolcraft


Lol – Data’s other brother

Great lols o fire

Lol and hardy

Lol and Order

Lolmak, when the walls fell

Lol with the wind

Just lols 2

Lucy loless

Lol and lollessness

Paul blart – lol cop

The lollerboy

If you get more than a couple of these, I commend and pity you. If you have any more to add, you know where the comments section. Go for it.

* – I didn’t say they were all gems, by the way.

T for giving

Song of the Moment
EPMD – Da Joint

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all. Normally, I’m not big on the holiday season for various reasons. I try to give thanks more often than once a year, I see my a lot of my family on a consistent basis, & gifts can be given any time of the year. No, I’m not scrooging out, just sayin’. There’s a lot to be thankful for.

Anywhoo, did y’all know that there was a Mr. T cartoon back in the 80’s? I used to watch the Hell out of Saturday morning cartoons, & I remember this like it was yesterday. We had the best cartoons back then. Recently, this cartoon came up in a random thought. Now, in this post. πŸ™‚

Mister T – Mystery of the Golden Medallion Pt. 1

Boo, I didn’t a black Friday post. Hit up Black Friday ads or Fatwallet. Sorry, just came off of a long work week & I’m lazy…er.

I’m thankful for all of the experiences I’ve had, good and bad(especially fairly recently). The bad ones make me appreciate the good ones that much better.

I’m learning not to waste energy on things I can’t change. I soooo *heart* the person that is teaching me that. πŸ™‚ It’s still a work in progress.

I just got a neat gadget a little while ago. I need to talk about it.

Still looking for a laptop, though. Anybody wanna kick out some funds?

I think the puppies are gone. I haven’t checked in a minute. Glad I didn’t get too attached, if so. πŸ™‚ Sorry for those that did. πŸ™

Twitter is still the bomb.

Mister T – Mystery of the Golden Medallion Pt. 2

I was going to write this post using only T’s. better sense prevailed. I post using all B’s is forthcoming, though.

Oh, one last thing:

First name, Mister. middle name, period. Last name, T!


I know you all have heard of this by now. You’ve probably been sitting there staring at them for hours on end(or maybe not). I’m talking about the webcam full of cuteness that is the Shiba Inu sextuplets. Yes folks, puppies! They’ve even made made national news recently. Not going to lie, I was not in the best of moods before I ran across their Ustream page that was linked off from Twitter(of course it was). Shibu Inu’s are beautiful looking dogs full grown, but puppies…awwwww!

I defy you to look at this stream for more than a minute and not be moved. If you can, then you are a truly heartless bastard indeed & there is no hope for your soul. A little strong, maybe? Not strong enough!

Anyway, go check them out here or check the embed below. We now return you to your irregularly scheduled brand of meh….in a minute.

Free live streaming by Ustream


(From the annals of my yesteryears)

Song Of The Moment
Sometimes – Anita Baker

Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose.
Sometimes you hurt the ones you love,
Most times they claim to love you, but
hurt you more.
Sometimes you can accept a lot of things
Sometimes you refuse.
You can take this any way you want,
It’s your right to choose.

Sometimes you play the game right,
Sometimes you make your own rules.
All the the times you should be honest with yourself
& not play people for fools.
Sometimes there is peace in the valley,
other times there is a fight.
I’m looking for the light at the end of the tunnel
because sometimes it’s too dark.

Sometimes you can find the right words to say
Sometimes you just don’t know
Sometimes your friends come in at just the right time
They always go out at the wrong time
Sometimes someone’s messing up the flow.
When they do, you gotta go or they do.

Sometimes you want to be fucked with
or fucked by
But sometimes you just get fucked up
or fucked over
And sometimes, your chances of the latter
are better than finding a four leaf clover

Things to do before I bounce

(Again, not to be confused with Soulbounce)

Ok, now before you start trippin, I’m not planning on departing this mortal coil anytime soon. I’m sure some people are disappointed by that & I’d wonder who would care anymore. F U, beeches I’m here until I’m not. *ahem* No, this is a list of things that I really want to do before I actually do go out. I alluded to it a little while ago, so I figured i’d really do a list. There might sound like there is a theme, but there isn’t one sorta. Anyway, let’s get it going (in no particular).

1) I want to really learn photography. While I don’t like having my picture taken, I LOVE people who can. There is something about capturing a moment in time that I love so much. Also, I also love the artfulness (is that even a word?) of capturing people frozen in time. Ok, I like nudes too. The human body can beautiful if tastefully shot.

2) I wanna meet some of you. There are some very nice & cool assed people out here on the Net. There are a couple of you that live close by & I could come holla at. I hope to do that at some point. A couple of you are a distance, but there was something in the area going on, I’d come for that & see you. Realistically, it shouldn’t take an event to do that, but there is that. I’m not much on partying, though, but I’d love to come by & say “HI”!

3) Capital Jazz Fest – I have GOTS to go at least one year. It’s held every year around the first of June in Washington, D.C.(can we call it dark country or Chocolate City now?). The reasons why I haven’t been is either because of work, lack of money, or both. The last couple of years have had some stellar lineup of folks that I’d want to see. Now watch the one year I do go, it’ll suck….Nah, I doubt it. I can’t believe that I haven’t talked about this before.

4) South by Southwest Media Conference (or SXSW for short).  Two weeks of music, film, Intereactice media, and supposed non stop parties. There is one week for music & one for film. The interactive media stuff (aka web related stuff) is interspersed, I think. You usually see a bunch of folk twittering about it come time. Again, not a big party person, but there is probably a band, some web stuff or some indie film that I’d care to check out. And there are a LOT of all of that, I’m told.

5) Go the fuck to Africa – Never been before. Plus there is the added bonus of the fact that my wife is from Zimbabwe. It sucks over there right now, but she hasn’t been home since she’s been here & that’s been a double digit while.

6) Photo trips – I guess I should have grouped this with #1, but it deserves it’s own spot. Yes, I just want to go somewhere photographic & shoot a bunch of days away. Don’t know if it will ever happen, especially seeing that I need to take care of #1 before anything else.

7) NaNoWriMo – For the last three years, I’ve said that I’ve wanted to do this. Something, possibly including myself, is preventing me from doing it. Happens every November. As in, the time this is posting. Either I’m working when it start & can’t devote the time, or I’m fooling myself somehow(or lazy). I know I have stories I could flip into a novel, especially lately. They might not be page turners,  but they would be done.

(EDIT 11/20/08 4:40am)

8) Learn a language or two. In High School, I took French. Loved it. Apparently not enough to keep it up because it’s all gone now. I blame all of those years of drugs & alcohol. That, and the fact that I’m joking…no, really. No recreational drugs have gone into this body. Alcohol…well, we are getting off the subject. I LOVE French and I plan to take it back up at some point. Another language i want to learn is Shona. It’s one of the many languages spoken in Zimbabwe where my wife is from. I’ve gone so far as to secure some tapes & a book to learn. Yes, I said tapes as in cassette. They are in the process of being made digital. I’m gonna say that it’s not easy to learn, but what I have picked from my wife and the tapes so far hasn’t been too bad. Don’t ask me to speak it, though. One other language is Japanese. Let’s face it, all of the good gadgets come from Japan & China. So does japanese anime, which I have liked a good bit of in my day. Granted, you can find subtitled or dubbed stuff, but it’s the principality of the thing. And I want to learn Japanese because…

9) I want to go to Japan. I should have just made a travel section & put all of the places I want to go there. Okay, learning Japanese has nothing to do with going to Japan, but hey, this is my list. Leave me alone.

That’s about it other than going on a gadget spree, the wife & I having a child(if it happens, it happens), mastering teleportation, bringing about world peace or whatnot. Some would say “well why don’t you do that stuff. just do it.” Well, most if not all of this stuff require time, energy, & most importantly, MONEY. Guess which one I’m in short supply of. And some things are out of ones control, you know?

There you go. I do hope I can do at least a few of these things before turning to dust. Hell, there’s probably more that I could tack on to this list, but those are the definite ones. Maybe you have your own list. Blog about it & link back or do what most of you do anyway & post in the comments.

Wait, there is one more:

If there is anyone out there I care about that I have personally hurt (and you really & truly didn’t deserve it), I hope that I can somehow make amends. No blood is to be shed though, nor family threatened. Let’s keep it My Name is Earl style, shall we? Maybe that wasn’t a good idea, either.

1once again it’s on!

Yes yes yes, my people! How’s about that, I think that it’s that time again! What am I talking about? It’s almost November, so you know what that means…. Some folks birthdays? Yeah. The month of thanks for giving us Black Friday? Yeah, I guess. The month before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring until the last damned second? Ummm, yeah. You suck at this. Lemme go ahead & tell you.

It’s the month of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. And this time, I’m telling you in advance (as opposed to 7 days after it starts). So it’s only 5 days out from the start (Nov. 1st), that’s enough time to gear up. I notice some people are gearing up proper, by lining up ideas & probably have outlines, storyboards, and whatnot. Don’t know, but my best writing seems to have come from off the cuff. Granted I’ve never written a novel before, so comedy should ensue. Not even sure if I’m going to do it. It’s probably one of the biggest commitments I’ve ever thought to do. It’s also on my “want to do before before I bounce” list. You know, the one that I haven’t blogged about yet, list. Not to be confused with SoulBounce, I can do that all day. πŸ™‚

So anyway, once again I’m thinking of doing this and once again I by all acounts will have no time to actually do it even though I could use the workout. And

"Ohhhh, you did it to me 1nce Again my friend
I swear you do it to me everytime
Cause you stay crazy on my mind
Yo you got it goin on (say word), on and on and on
On and on and on"

*ahem* So once again, I’m calling out some of my writers and exciters to go do the damn thing. I know some pretty good ones out there. Yea, I see you, Patticakes! Over in the TX, I see you Keli, Ms. Sula, & Kayos! Jan Jan, I know you can, you got the plan! Sliding over to the ATL, I’m checking you out as well, Gee Double (if you weren’t already busy as Hell, that is). To my mans Saule Wright, you don’t stop! To my mans, Mr. e, you don’t quit. Get y’alls hats in the ring! To the lady, Miss A, come around the way. I know that you can do this like every single day. To the beauty, Nobelle, hope all is well! Would love to see some wordsmithery from you, it’d be swell! You get the idea….oh wait, I almost forgot one.

Deja, don’t think I forgot about you! Gitcho sexy Bootleg ass to writing! That’s right, singled out like that damned TV show, What! πŸ™‚

I know that’s not all, but that enough for now. May shout a couple more out, but who knows. Should I do this, you know I will let you know. πŸ™‚

Dammit! I need a laptop! Hmmm….

I realize the irony of taking this on(should I) and me not even consistently blogging. SHADDIDUP!

That is all.

Kat’s Rules – Everything around me

So you’re all my people, and I care about you in some form or fashion, but some of you have been saying that you don’t know me at all. I guess there’s some truth to this, but everything I put on this blog is pretty much me. This is not a personal blog per se, but it does deal with me personal likes & dislikes. On the off chance that this is not enough, I offer up these rules of dealing with me. Chances are, I will meet you in person one day. πŸ™‚

1) If you ever want to get on my bad side, treat me like I’m stupid. Please! This, folks, is up there with trying to end my life or hurting someone I care about. There are a couple of other things, but you get the idea. Example: You supposedly quit smoking. I ask you when the last time you did. You tell me you hadn’t puffed in a year, yet you smell like a chimney and I see smoke coming out of your mouth, you lying. That is an automatic 2 on a 3 count.

2) I might not be the easiest person to get to know, but I might be worth it. πŸ™‚

3) I’m very hard on myself, deal with it.

4) If I say I’m going to do something, I have every honest intention of doing so. Please don’t hold it against me. If I keep doing it, talk to me, because,

5) I’m not that fragile that I will break if you tell me how you feel. However…

6) I will feel like breaking something if ALL you do is complain. And it’s a safe enough bet that I won’t be listening to you half the time.

7) Never get high off your own supply. I dislike people who are full of themselves. Call me crazy. By the way,

8) I am not full of myself. If you have ever believed that, you don’t know me at all (see #’s 2 & 3).

9) Did I mention that I don’t like being played for stupid? Ok. Just making sure.

10) I have a degree from Paranoi U. It stays on the shelf until needed. It is NOT always out or being used. If I am paranoid, there’s usually a damn good reason whether you want to admit to it or not.(see #1)

11) If I have my back turned to you while you are talking and I don’t acknowledge you, change the conversation. I don’t care. This is especially true if #6 in effect. If on the phone, you take your chances. πŸ™‚

12) Talk to me, Dammit! I can’t read your mind, but I do know what you’re thinking. πŸ˜‰ (see #5)

13) I should NOT be expected to pull things from you that you and I both know are there or has happened. Just get it out and let’s get it over with. (see #’s 1, 5, 9, & 12)

14) #’s 12 & 13 does not go both ways. Deal with it! πŸ™‚

15) On that, if you are already feeling some kinda way, how I feel is not important. I don’t care what you say.

16) Should have been number one to me: Don’t ask a question you really don’t want the answer to! I will answer. You may not like it. You’ll be pissed & so will I. You have been warned. There are stipulations if #15 is in effect.

17) I should not be expected to do anything I really don’t want to do. There could be some resentment. And should I ask the same, don’t get mad.

18) I know my faults. I know when I do wrong. I do NOT need them constantly pointed out.

19) If you think I’m talking about you could be right, but you’re probably wrong. I will make sure that you know when I am.* πŸ™‚

Following these rules won’t get you mad bread to break up, but we on the hand will be cool as a cucumber. And isn’t that more important? πŸ™‚

* – This goes for anything said in this post. It’s not directed towards anyone….Unless you think so. That, I can’t help.

Not a Philosopher, but I think very deeply

You fools, you’ll kill us ALL!

Why am I saying this? Well because of this.

You see in, oh about a little less than an hour from this post scientists, in their never ending quests to kill us all, will rev up a machine that will… You know what? You read up on it.

Large Hadron Collider Homepage


Google News

I like how there is an article for best & worst case scenarios yet scientists basically say that there is no cause for alarm. Now I’m all for scientific explorations, but I’ve seen enough movies to know that it never turns out to benefit mankind. More like destroys it. Somebody needs to send  these jokers some movies. Better yet, let them colonize the moon or Mars. Let them play their reindeer games there. If it works out, send it home. If not, we don’t have to worry about it…hopefully.

Anyway, should you see this in the afternoon and laugh at my lunacy, Cool, I’ll except that. But if you don’t see this, then I was right and you can all suck it.

And I love you all! Really!

(EDIT) It’s 3:50am. The Collider has been initiated. So far, still here.

Here is a tour of the joint doing the commotion:

CERN Tour: Video that makes you smarter – Scobleizer.com

(EDIT 2)
It’s 5:45am and we’re still here! Whoo HoOO! The starting up was successful. Except I hear there may have been a “small problem” during the initial startup. AND I’m hearing that they will be firing up the damn thing a few more times in the coming weeks. The want to build up to crashing two particles Crash Test Dummy style into each other. Clearly they, don’t know the words “Quit while you’re ahead”.

I would like to thank twitter for keeping me on pins & needles abreast of the goings on over in Geneva Switzerland(where this is taking place). We are not out of the woods yet, folks. Never fear, though, the website Mashable tells us “How to know when the Large Hadron Collider spells your doom“(Including a strip from a web comic I love, XKCD).