New Neo Soul Cafe season

A new “season” of the Neo Soul Cafe video show has started. First up: Van Hunt. If you don’t know who that is exactly (like me), go the the site and click on The Lounge. Then click Podcasts, then video, and finally click on the link for the show. Now was that so hard? Interview + good music videos =  Winner! You can also get any of the other shows you may have missed. It is video so hopefully you have a fast connection. Oh, you can subscribe to the show (with your favorite podcatching client like Itunes or whatnot) and grab it that way.

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Myspace ain’t my place, but I guess someone’s there.

     I had to spend some time in the room the I used to work at this weekend for some odd reason and the group there spend a good amount on the net. Their place of perusal, Myspace. A couple of them (probably all of them) have accounts. One of them was telling me of some issues one his boys were having with his now ex group, Stuck Mojo, and pointed me to their page to look at something. Well, later on that night and the next day, I starting thinking about how many artists have a page on Myspace. It’s kind of REE-diculous.  So, the next night during a lull (read: my co-worker was gone so I could do it with good conscious. That’s another story.), I just randomly tried to find pages for artists I knew of on a whim. With the exception of two that were under different names (somebody else had it already), everyone I plugged in, was there. Including a group I thought had broken up (Portishead*), which also was under another name. I have a list. Keep in mind that I had already mentioned a few people myself a while back. Also, keep in mind that I know I could have just looked on Myspace’s music page. I told you, there was a lull and for once, I got bored. Wanna see the list? Like to see it here it go:

Those I did that night. These I did while writing up this post.

The aforementioned Portishead

And speaking of Jaguar Wright, she has a song on her latest album, ‘Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul‘, that has a song called,’My Place’. On this song, the hook goes like this:

“Let’s go to my place,
Let’s go to my place,
Let’s go to my place,
Up in my place, Up in my space”

     Or something like that. Is it a coincidence? Yea, probably, but the point is, there are a lot of artists on the site. However, you can’t possibly tell me that 90% of the people I listed are that savvy enough to get it. Thomas Dolby? Believe it! MC Hammer? He’s been getting it. The Roots, I can see it. But REM? Lil Kim? Anita Baker (I love you but no). Jody freaking Watley? CULTURE CLUB????? NO! Maybe i’m not giving them enough credit. Or maybe I know the real deal.

     Myspace is a marketing wet dream for A & R. This is not totally a bad thing. For them, it’s smart. All the kids are there, so that’s where they are pushing their artists. Independent and Major label artists alike are flocking there. The independents have good reason. They are trying to get heard. You can tell also because they are ‘friending’ the artist and you see comments like: “come to my site”, “Please listen to my demo“, etc. Major’s are doing it because they can and it’s “free”. The thing is, it’ll only last until the kids leave and find somewhere cooler and less commercial. It’s an Internet fact. So, junkies, enjoy it while you can. In fairness, it is a good source to try out and hear new songs, but the rest of it is bunk and garbage. No disrespect to those with pages. My ‘I See Stupid people‘ colleague, The L, has a page that I have yet to check out there. So do a few other people I know (someone has one they don’t know about). I can’t do it, but I suppose I can’t knock those who do. Some of the pages I have seen are ugly, for real. That’s my problem with it, though. Anyway, the catalyst for this tirade was sparked by this article from CNET Go check it out.

MySpace blurs line between friends and flacks | CNET

and some more food for thought.

In the meantime, here are a few more i’ve found.

Anyway, Try it yourself. Type in: and see if they come up. Make it a game if you’re bored. Bonus points for the most obscure person you can find. Post in the comments. And no I do not and will not have a page, L Boogie.

* – Hell YEAH!! Seal of Approval

Google Roll Call

This post is for anyone keeping score in the Google empire. If you already welcome your Google Overlords and know the name Larry, Sergey, Eric, and George, this list isn’t for you. You know about most of this stuff. If you don’t, follow me. Basically, this list represents almost everything the former search engine giant has to offer. I say former because while Google still does search and still does it well, they have evolved into a company of way more than what it started as. Ready? Oh, this is not exactly in chronological order, because some of this was already out before they got a hold of it. Most of this is in perpetual Beta state, which means they are still working some things out and could be for a while.

  1. Google – This needs no intro, so I won’t give it one. It’s good, it’s fairly fast and accurate with the right search terms (not as I used to be), and it’s now a verb. TIP: Did you know that you could do calculations and conversions in the search bar? Example: 3 X 7, or 1 dollar to Euro, or worded equivalent. Go wild with it.
  2. Gmail – Google’s web email. Features and space. What more is there to say. Most of you use it. Now integrated with…
  3. Google Talk – Google’s Voice over Internet / IM program. As I said, now integrated with Gmail, but can still be downloaded separately if you don’t have a Gmail account.
  4. Blogger – Gee, I wonder what this is? Sounds like a place that houses free web logs. Now, who would want to use this, I wonder?
  5. Picasa – Google’s acquired image manipulation software. You can arrange, edit, organize, print, and email all of your images on your computer. you can also share your pictures via…
  6. Hello – which you can use to upload your pictures to… somewhere online. You can also post said pictures from here to your blog. I haven’t used this, but that is an issue for another time. Put it this way, Hello + Picassa = Flickr, essentially.
  7. Google Adsense – You see any ads around Google, people’s websites, or blogs? It’s could from here.
  8. Google Language Tools – Translate a web page or text from one language to another.
  9. Google Maps – Is the illest. True dat. DOUBLE TRUE! It’s like search but with locations and a map. Try to find your place and zoom in, if you can. Not recommended for stalkers.
  10. Google Earth – Take maps, put it in a program, and add 3D. Plus, you are able to add 3D modeled building using Google Sketchup. It’s free unless you choose to buy the Plus version, which adds Global Positioning System (GPS) support.
  11. Froogle – I almost forgot about this one. Looking for the best price on the internet for things. Go here and search for it. It’ll give you a product description plus the best price and up (or down if you prefer). It reminds me of something else, but I can’t put my finger on it. Also, you can make a wishlist to pester send to others that you believe would even consider buying you what is on it. Or keep it for yourself.
  12. Google Video – Google’s version of Youtube, Ifilm, ebaumsworld(well, not so much), etc. with a dash of Itunes in that you can purchase shows (and movies now?) for $.99 to $14.99. Watch stupid people do stupid things, see product demos(maybe), the internet’s funniest videos at the press of a button or two, videos of whatever you search for that may or may not have been shown on TV(like this from the movie, ‘Date movie”. You get the idea. Speaking of which, check this out.
  13. Google Homepage – Name says it all. Your very own customizable homepage. You can check news, weather, sports, videos, and anything else you cared to have checked from here provided you added it. Plus, you can move it to where you want to see it on the page. SWEET! So instead of your ISP’s generic advertisement homepage , you use this if you want.
  14. Google Reader – It’s a lite RSS reader that can handle attachments. What does that mean? When someone (like me) says that you can subscribe to a podcast or RSS feed, this could be used in lieu of an offline program or Firefox web browser (because it has a built in RSS reader) to keep track of them. And it can be used with the just mentioned Google Homepage for that one stop shopping feel.
  15. Writely – One of the online answers to Microsoft Word. It was acquired by Google earlier this year. Save to your desktop, upload from Word, access anywhere you need to work on a document, make blog postings (as far as I know, they hadn’t integrated it with blogger yet), and collaboration, which means you can mark up someone else’s document like that high school English teacher you hated (“bled” all over your paper did she? the heiffer). Well, provided they let you anyway. If only they had an Excel like spreadsheet page…. Oh wait…
  16. Google Spreadsheet – is the name of Google’s “Microsoft Excel”page. it’s like Writely, but for spreadsheets. And nothing says lovin’ like sharing spreadsheets with others. I was going to make a spreadsheet that tracked my spending at Best Buy, realized that it’s on the internet and my wife could find it. Not that she doesn’t know i’m in there a lot….
  17. (EDIT) Google Calendar – Put your schedule online. Share it or events with others. Or not. Get reminders or SMS messages of upcoming events. If you use Outlook as your calendar, this does that part. As far as I know, however, there is no direct way to sync up Outlook with this. Yet. I apologize for forgetting about this. I haven’t used it. yet.
  18. Google SketchUp – A 3D modeling program. You’re an inventor, use it to sketch out your vision. Work out a project. Trying to build your dream house, use it for that. Model your existing house and make the changes you can’t afford to do yet. And while you are at it, you can plug it into Google Earth so that you can throw it up against some land or whatever. There is a free to use personal version and a paid version for commercial use. Last but not least is…
  19. Google Checkout – This just came out the week i’m writing this, so I don’t know much about it. It seems to be a PayPal / Amazon like entity where you sign up (or access with a Google account), put in Credit Card or bank info and use it with Online shops. It is said to be secure, but I haven’t looked into it. If e-stores take to this, it could be a big thing. I did run across an article or two and video about it, so check it out. Of course, if you ain’t a-scared, you can try it out for yourself.

It should be mentioned that all of these can be accessed if you have an account in the Google network (Gmail, I believe Writely, Reader, Homepage,etc). Particularily, if you have a Gmail account, it’s a given. Oh, and there are mobile versions of some of these pages. Just check the pages themselves and it should mention it. There is also a place to check out some of the other stuff that is being cooked up, including some of the aforementioned products, on their Google Labs page. Now, I omitted Google Toolbar partially because I don’t use it and don’t really care to. I don’t like toolbar plugins so much. You’d think that with as many web browser extensions that I use on a daily basis(more on that later), I would be into them. Nope. If you want to try it though, go to the Google Labs page. Anyway, this is the list so far and i’m sure there is more to come. Maybe i’ll update this list as time goes by. Or not, who knows. The stuff listed is worth checking out if you hadn’t already so go forth.

Get your head right, now

You know, I thought that the (Neo) Soul movement was dead. Ok, maybe not dead, just in cryogenic sleep until it’s needed. Kind of like the period between one flood of African American inspired/themed/starred/targeted movies (including the Blackploitation ones of the ’70’s) to the next. This is usually every 8 to 10 years seems like. But that’s for another time, right now, it’s about the music. Like I said, I figured the Soul movement was sleep until needed. Really, it’s always needed. R&B sucks and does NOT deserve the name. It’s either Rap and Bullshit or Booty and Pop with Booty thrown in some more. It’s RE-diculous (yes, I meant to spell it like that). Radio is mostly crap, and it wasn’t always like that. Because of which, I don’t really listen to it anymore. It’s good because I am spared the same song every 15 minutes, but presumably miss out on a gem that gets squeezed in at the midnight hour. Who am I kidding, that last part doesn’t happen any more, either. And before I go off on ANOTHER tangent, let me get to the heart of the subject.

So (Neo)Soul, apparently, is always needed to balance out the BS. And also, apparently, it hasn’t gone anywhere but perhaps under the radar, which is where I shamefully barely look anymore. but that has changed, dear friends. I’ve been holding on to this site for a while now, but I need to share it with you. I’ve already given you and it’s still a great place to go, but I have an equally impressive site for you to peruse. It’s called:

Neo Soul Cafe – the music that gets your head right

Truer words were never spoken. This is a great site for (Neo)Soul music lovers. It’s nicely laid out, too. The main focus, however, is the music as it should be. The site is the baby for the seemingly lovely Dallas, Texas based DJ Frances Jaye. Upon entering the site, you are greeted with all of your options for checking out said site. You will need Flash to check out stuff, but i’m pretty sure you already have it. At the top of the page, are links to other pages of interest on the site like Art, Photos, Events, Links to other site worth checking out (mainly Music Labels), and Music (links to Artist pages/sites). There’s also a Guestbook and an About page where I gleamed some info off of. Please check them all out, but the glue for the site is in the Lounge, which is the first button at the top. This brings up a pop up and where most of the action takes place. The lounge is where there is a 24 hour music player running, called the Cafe (hence the name). All you have to do is choose your stream (Windows Media, Itunes, or Quicktime, winamp, and connection type of whichever you choose) and let the musical goodness wash over you. The music is GREAT. You could hear anything from Amel Larrieux to Wayna (not Boyz II men one) and everything in between. All work safe….provided your work will let you stream music at all. Oh, and for you Hip Hoppers out there, there is a Hop Hop Lounge that you can listen to also. It is the same as the Cafe, but playing more hip Hop like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Digable Planets, and many others you may or may not know. Cool thing about both players is that it is a good quality stream so it sounds great. Even more, the artist, track and album name is there and you can click the album art to buy it from Amazon or Itunes.

And if that isn’t enough, every Sunday night from 7 – 9 Central Time(8 -10 Eastern), the one Frances Jaye jumps on the boards for a two hour set called,”Neo Soul Cafe Live”. At least I think she still does as I haven’t had a chance to catch the stream live. And she seems to like Roy Ayers. I ain’t mad at her. So how do I know this? Well, i’m glad you asked. Guess what, the “live” sets are downloadable from the lounge under “Podcasts”(click audio) and you can subscribe to it just as easily. Think is, I hadn’t seen a new one the Hip Hop mixtape back in May. Don’t let that discourage you, though. Here’s what got to me a bit more. On the first show I downloaded and listened to, it took a little over 30 minutes before I heard something I remotely knew (a Floetry song, if you’re interested), but I was groovin’ the whole way. I was excited about the fact that there was all of this music from people that I hadn’t heard about, but at the same time, I was put off because I can’t believe I didn’t know about these people. I heard names like Candy West, Geno Young, Eric Roberson, and W. Ellington Felton, who also has a group with Raheem Devaughn called CrossRhodes. Now I also heard songs from Van Hunt, Frank Mccomb, Hill St. Soul, and Ne-yo. And i’m so sick of hearing his song, but I feel the need to check out his album anyway. That and the aforementioned Raheem Devaughn for some reason. Just to rattle off a couple more names, there was stuff by Carmen Rogers, Geno Young, Goapele, and YahZarah.

Now, in case you didn’t know about who those l just mentioned, there is also a video component that is apparently is on television in certain markets called, what else, the Neo Soul Cafe. From what I read, it’s been on TV for a couple of years now? And it’s also viewable(under shows), downloadable and can be subscribed to from the Lounge (under podcasts. click video). There, you can find music videos and interviews with artists such as the last ones mentioned. It’s a good show. Check it out. As a matter of fact, stop reading this and just go there now. You should have done that well before now…unless you have. If you haven’t…go! I’ve had it as a link on the left for a while now, so maybe i’m preaching to the choir.

Oh, just go! Yes, it’s on Myspace.
Frances Jaye has one on there under her name also.

I know I was a little light on the artist links I would normally put in, but i’m sleepy and may put them in later. By the way, did anyone know that “Over There” star, former Power Ranger, “Half and Half” and”ER” guester, Keith Robinson could sing?


I’m starting to love this site. It’s called:

Woot : One Day, One Deal

That is exactly what it is. Every day at midnight, a new deal goes up on whatever. And there are some good deals, too! Always something different. Today as I write this, you can get 2 Logitech wireless Playstation 2 controllers for 20 bucks for yourself or the PS2 owner you know. I have one, they cost about $40… for ONE! These controllers do NOT work with Xbox or Xbox 360, let’s make that clear. I think the deal goes on until it sells out. I thought it was until the day is up but i’ve seen stuff that may still be buyable. I could be wrong, though. The catch, you have to have an account with the site and, unfortunately, I don’t know what that entails. I have heard of this site a while back, but wasn’t sure of what is going on with it. Now that i’ve been watching the site the past two weeks, i’m starting to get it.

Anyway, you can check the site each day, bookmark it definitely or subscribe to the RSS feed (if using Firefox, click on the little orange icon in the address bar and save it in your bookmarks). I don’t know which is better, the deal itself, the write up on it, or the podcast (at the top right) that is associated with it. The latter two being quite funny. Check it out for yourself. You might find a good deal in the process. What are you waiting for?

(EDIT) I just checked the FAQ (should have done that from the start). One item goes up at 12 midnight Central time(that’s 1 AM for us Eastern cats) and the go off sale at 11:59 Central time or when item sells out. And since everthing else has an entry, here is their wikipedia page.

AllofMP3 are belong to…

     Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t follow tech news, there has been a site that’s been talked about frequently lately. It’s called It’s a Russian based MP3 music selling site similiar to Itunes but more like sites like in that it sells songs in standard, presumably non DRM ridden, MP3’s instead of AAC like Itunes. And that you don’t need an Ipod to listen to them. It’s a well done site if you check it out. The reason that it is in the news, is not because it sells songs and whole albums in MP3 form, it is because it sells them for cheap. I’m talking WAY too cheap to be legal cheap. This is NOT why i’m telling you about this, but if you choose to check it out, that’s on you. Be warned, that it’s not the fact that the site is selling music, it’s the legality of which it does it that is in question.

     You can bet that the Recording Industry Association of America(RIAA) is trying to shut them down, but as I said, it’s in Russia. That won’t stop them from trying though. Also, more recently, it’s been said that supposedly artists aren’t getting anything from the site as far as payment. As you know, when music gets bought in stores or wherever, part of the money SUPPOSED to go to the artist (as royalties). Well, it goes to the Label and they give a tiny bit to the artist. So if the Labels aren’t getting their money, the artists they aren’t happy. But’s that’s also not why i’m telling you about the site. The whole recording arists get fucked thing is old news.

     The reason i’m telling you of this is that apparently puts out ‘best album’ (awards) and other charts based on criteria like year, Grammy wins, or whatever. They have fairly recently put out a listing of the Greatest 500 Albums. It’s done by genre and is quite a comprehensive list, too. Some of the stuff you can’t easily find in stores, too. If you go here for no other reason, this is it. Should you choose to buy anything, you are on your own. Just listen out for the knock at the door.

Oh, you might want to read up some of the shenanigans going on with the site and the site itself. Do so.


The K Chronicles By Keith Knight

Because one life isn’t enough

The K Chronicles By Keith Knight

Looking at this strip reminds me of a simliar offering. Oh believe me, this strip wasn’t trippin’. There is an actual virtual club that exists, but i’m reffering to something that i’ve been hearing about a bit lately. It’s called Second Life (SL) and it has been around for a few years (2003) now. It’s a virtual world instead of just a nightclub. The way I hear it, you can do virtually (pun intended) anything you can do in real life (yes, even that, you freak). You can run around, dance, interact with other avatars (virtual character) who have actual people controlling them, “own” land, make stuff, buy and sell made stuff for real money, etc. More on that in a second.

So here is he rundown as I caught it. You go the the site, sign up (for free, but it’s only for trial), download the program, make your avatar(in your own likeness or someone else if you’re one of those types), go in and be your or them or someone completely different. Now remember that I said that you can buy and sell stuff for real money, well that is true to a point. You may sign up for free, but if you want to do anything worthwhile, you have to come up off of some actual dough. You see, the world has it’s own curency called Linden that can be exchanged for real scratch. Don’t worry, I hear a Dollar goes longer than it does in real life(RL, as they say). So when you go in, you plunk down some dollars (you need a credit card, I hear), it gets exchanged for Linden, and you can buy land and a house to park on it. Houses need furniture and I know you would want to stay freshly dipped, so you go to the mall and shop for vitual clothes and stuff for the house. I believe you can even buy transportation to get around. I heard something of a transporter like Star Trek can be used. And when I say make stuff, that’s what’s up. You can make stuff to sell in the world. From jewelry to clothes to cars and houses and so on and so on. I hear the scripting language used in world is relatively simple.

Now when I said you can interact with other inhabitants, that is suppposedly what it means. You can walk up to someone and chat them up. I think it uses some kind of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), but I’m not sure. You can invite someone (or more people) to your virtual crib,sit down and watch a movie, or even have a house party. Hell, the BBC is even having a music festival, so that should tell you how big it was gotten. I hear people have even started businesses in SL. And making real money, no less. Virtual hoes got eat, too. It’s really funny, but interesting at the same time.

I can actually see some use out of this little setup. I have people sprinkled around the country and one or two across the rest of the map. You could meet up with your people here and hang out when you know you can’t catch them face to face in real life. What I can’t yet see is paying a minimum of $10 a month for the priviledge. That’s not including what you pay for in world. Now, I hear you saying, “Why not pick up the phone, write them a letter, get see them, or what not.”? True, but this sounds more fun, plus not everyone is that close to see each other. And those of saying, “This is stupid. Why would you put yourself out there for some game?” Well, stop checking your Myspace account and think about it, first. Yea, that’s what I thought. I’m not saying this is for everybody, but someone could find this interesting. I do, but like I said, I’m not ready to come out of my wallet yet. I don’t play online games like World of Warcraft, either so this isn’t saying anything. I may actually try it one day. If anyone has, holla at me and let me know what’s up.

The reason I find this interesting is because I came through the ways of alternate communication. Those like me that use Skype, blogging, and such started out through the gates of email and ISCA BBS’s (you know who you are), etc. It’s just a wolf to the 25th power, in a sense, and not much different except in presentation. So anyway, go discuss, try it. I’m out. And if it wasn’t already obvious, I will say it again that I haven’t tried it, so let the warning stand here.

And you will need a respectable computer, it seems.

Link: Second Life

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Radio, suckas never play me (or what I want)!

And you know what? I don’t need them to. It’s a rarity that I turn on the radio in my car and NEVER at home. Wanna know why? Because the radio PLAYS BULLSHIT! Yea, I said it. If it’s crunked up or ganstafied, it’s on the radio. If it’s sex for profit, it’s on the radio. If it’s true Hip Hop or soul music, it get’s no play (except for a couple of hours on a saturday or sunday night). Where are the Jazz stations(same deal there except for sunday afternoons)? And the number of stations that carry “oldies” and /or “classic R&B (real soul music)” are dwindling. So what is a person to do? Well, you can turn off the radio (I have) and/or pop in a CD, Cassette (yes, they are still around), or fill an MP3 player with whatever you want, but that is a topic for another time.

Right now, I want to introduce you to something new for your listening pleasure. This, unfortunately, will not do you any good in the car. Well, not unless your car has internet capabilities. That being the case, you are good and I want to see for my self. Anyway, what I am speaking of is the music discovery service called Pandora. Not to be confused with the box that let’s all Hell loose when opened, by the way.

Pandora was started by the people who came up with the Music Genome Project. What is this, you ask? Well, have you heard of the Human Genome Project, the people mapping human DNA? Well, it’s the same thing, but in relation to music. Basically, they take songs apart and group them into their key elements for mapping. From what I understand, a song can be broken into many parts, such as style of music, to instrumentation, to region of, genre (in a sense), etc. So, what does this have to do with Pandora? Well, it uses these elements to give you the music you are looking to hear, and quite possibly want to hear. So let’s get into it.

First, if you haven’t by now, go here. Near the bottom of the page, you should see the player loading up. The player is made with Macromedia Flash. It’s being used by 90% of all websites nowadays. That really won’t mean anything to you unless you don’t see the player at all. If you don’t, go here, download Flash, and reload Pandora. Good? Great. Now, the first time you go to the page, the player will ask you for an artist or song name. Go ahead and try it. Once you hit okay, it will make up a station based on the artist you entered. Some things to consider, though. You may or may not get the artist or song you want right away. Or at all. The reason being, is that they may not have the song or artist you asked for. That is because they don’t have every song and artist in the world. They have about 15,000 or so songs from what I hear. Even if they do have what you want, it is possible that it won’t show up first or at all. It will ask you for a sort of a confirmation as to what you asked for. You can either say yes, that’s it or no it’s not. But let’s say for the sake of argument that it does. Click ‘ok’ at the next message.

Afer a second or two, it will play the song or the artist you asked for. If you like what it gave you, you can click on the ‘guide us’ button underneath the album art (which is also a clickable menu). It will give you 4 options:

  1. ‘thumbs up’ – I really like this song – play more of this!
  2. ‘thumbs down’ – I don’t like this song – it’s not what this station should play.
  3. ‘?’ – Why is this song playing?
  4. ‘+’ – I want to add more kinds of music to this station

It’s actually all pretty explanatory once you play around with it. At the top of the player are the controls. You got volume, play, pause, and skip to the next track (only around 5 or so at a time). Now you say, no rewind? No skip back a track? Nope! Because of whatever license that they are running by won’t allow that to happen (violation of the DMCA, you know). So anyway, you are well on your way. You can let the music ride and see what comes up. The song selection will try to follow based on the stylings of the song/artist playing. If you don’t like a song, hit ‘guide us’ or click on the album art and give it the thumbs up or down. As a matter of fact, click it anyway and check out the other options. One such is that you can buy the song or album from Amazon or iTunes (if you go for that sort of thing).

Let’s talk about one or two other things. Look to the left of the player, you will see options to create a new station or the name of the one you just created. If you choose to you can make a new station and start the ball rolling again. If you do, the one you created will stop after the song or artist is chosen. If you aren’t going to do that, you might want to edit your station a bit. If you click on the down arrow next to you station, this will bring up another menu:

  1. Add more music to this station
  2. Email this station to a friend
  3. Edit this station
  4. Rename this station
  5. Delete this station
  6. Close menu

So have at it at your leisure. By the way, you have up to 20 minutes or so in introductory time before you are asked to sign up (which can be free unless you choose otherwise). A couple of things should be noted. You can have up to 100 stations at any thime. I don’t know what you would do with 100 stations, but you can. If you sign up for the free version, there’s not much different from the paid service except for the fact that you will eventually hear ads every so often (haven’t heard any yet).

Let’s give an example. I wanted a (Neo) soul station to listen too. I started off with one of my favorite artists: Amel Larrieux (who’d you think?). The first song it gave me was “Even if” from her 1st solo album, Infinite Possibilities (which is a great title track). The second song was “Peaches and Cream” from Monifah’s 3rd album, “Home“. After that was “Blue” by Barry Manilow. Why? ‘Cause he writes the songs that makes the whole world sing! Nah, but I did hit ‘guide us’ and clicked on why this song was played. It gave me an answered that makes sense. Which brings up something. The service isn’t perfect, meaning you will have to tweak it a bit because of stuff like this (or not), but it’s pretty damn good! Then the whole thing stole the show for me. It played Anita Baker“Giving you the best that I’ve got”. If anyone knows me, Anita Baker is my absolute favorite female singer. I’ve been hooked on Pandora ever since. That is why I am telling you this now. It’s a great service. Plus, I’ve found music that I probably would not have found on my own. And I can get to it from anywhere with an internet connection. That includes a wi-fi connection, for those with a PDA,Treo, or whatever. Except for the Sony PSP which has internet capabilities but no flash support, yet. And I’ve been told that Yahoo does something similiar to this. Well, that might be true, but the sound quality is nowhere near this and I doubt it’s presented like this. Incidently, the last song I listened to in this set was ‘Get Up’ by Amel Larrieux, her first single from Infinite Possibilities.

Look enough talk, go try it out already. If there is a song or artist that they don’t have, tell ’em. I will say that they don’t have classical music yet because they don’t know how to handle it yet. I’ve run across some stuff like an old Lisa Fischer song I used to like, to Coldplay, to Portishead, Karyn White, and am now delving into some reggae (yea, L, I’m looking up Assassin). There are other stuff that is supposed to be coming in the future. For now, they do have the ability to subscribe to a friend’s stations as RSS feeds and emailing and sharing said stations and feeds. Oh, and you can share your stations on your blog or website (you should see mine shortly after this). Go here to find out how to do this. Alright, I’m sure i’m forgetting something, but who cares. Go try this, now!

If you want more info outside of what I’ve told you then listen to this interview with the founder of Pandora:

Inside the Net 6: Tim Westergren of Pandora Media


Pandora, find music you’ll love (You really will)

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Stupid Yahoo

I am a bit miffed. I tried to view a video the other day from Yahoo Music through Firefox and gave me this error:


To use this application with Netscape, you must use version 7.1 or above. Download now.

Please use the following error code when writing to Yahoo! Help. (Error Code: 12)

My best friend told me about while I was on the phone with him and sure enough, it happened to me. This is strange on 2 levels: 1) this site used to work on Firefox 0.7 (it’s now on, and 2) Firefox and Netscape are basically family. Netscape 7.1 is based off of Mozilla (Firefox), which came from Netscape (Huh?). Anyway, just know that they are related. And in case you’re saying “Why not use Internet Explorer?” Well, it’s slow, has security holes (yes, so does Firefox, but they patch on the regular.), and pop ups. All of which has been said to have been fixed, but I don’t like IE, so there!

Not saying that this is the case, but a lot of times when site used to, and sometimes still does, say “Optimized for such and such browser” or “best viewed with”, it could mean that they were too lazy to make the site using the open standards, or they just like that browser (could be read as: possible kickbacks, but you didn’t hear that from me).  Some stuff could look better in one browser over another. Oh who cares, Bottom Line: Yahoo, fix your stuff!!

Super Bowl ads – now portable

Do you like watching the Super bowl ads, but not the actual game? (I do, I do!)
Well, now you can get them in a video podcast all bite sized and portable like. Yummy!!
Well, check out the link from the link below(it’s a good post) and find out how. There will be
words like feeds and podcasts and video on Ipods (whatever those are). Check it out. I will
and I don’t have an Ipod. I do have a PSP that I can use for on the go viewing. Ipods, after all,
are not the only video viewing options. We will get to all of that soon. That said, check it out. » Get Super Bowl Ads as a Video Podcast Feed