Stupid Yahoo

I am a bit miffed. I tried to view a video the other day from Yahoo Music through Firefox and gave me this error:


To use this application with Netscape, you must use version 7.1 or above. Download now.

Please use the following error code when writing to Yahoo! Help. (Error Code: 12)

My best friend told me about while I was on the phone with him and sure enough, it happened to me. This is strange on 2 levels: 1) this site used to work on Firefox 0.7 (it’s now on, and 2) Firefox and Netscape are basically family. Netscape 7.1 is based off of Mozilla (Firefox), which came from Netscape (Huh?). Anyway, just know that they are related. And in case you’re saying “Why not use Internet Explorer?” Well, it’s slow, has security holes (yes, so does Firefox, but they patch on the regular.), and pop ups. All of which has been said to have been fixed, but I don’t like IE, so there!

Not saying that this is the case, but a lot of times when site used to, and sometimes still does, say “Optimized for such and such browser” or “best viewed with”, it could mean that they were too lazy to make the site using the open standards, or they just like that browser (could be read as: possible kickbacks, but you didn’t hear that from me).  Some stuff could look better in one browser over another. Oh who cares, Bottom Line: Yahoo, fix your stuff!!

Smaill video moment

In the midst of finding links to terrorize a friend with, I came across the site called On the surface, it looks like a site showcasing music videos from the major genres, not unlike Yahoo Music (formerly named It also has movie trailers and RSS feeds (if you don’t know stay tuned) for the various features. If you are familiar with the site, you may have seen some their videos streamed from there. Clocking in at around 700 videos (according to, it may not hold a candle to Yahoo’s offering, but I had noticed that this site seems to have a interesting mixed of known, not so known, and “who the F**K are the cats” in their video selections. Well, they weren’t known to me, anyway.

You may ask yourself, why is this of any interest to anyone? Well, it might not be. I, on the other hand, found a couple of ditties worth watching. The site has videos ranging from Mariah Carey to The Veronicas (I don’t know) to Air America’s very own Kyle Jason. If you don’t know who he is (and you probably don’t), check out his Show on Saturday nights from 10pm-Midnight on your local Air America station. Here is a hint, it’s probably AM radio where you are. Or you can check it out online at that time from here.
That’s another story. I found a video from little known group Art N Soul (Tont Toni Tone spawn) and Tupac’s “Hail Mary”. A video i’ve never seen. One or two of the videos I found wasn’t on Yahoo. I’m going to keep looking, but check it out when you get a chance.

(EDIT) This site also has the ability to make playlists of videos, essentially allowing you to become your own DJ. I think Yahoo does this too, but i’ve never tried it if it does. I will be trying this. You may see the fruits of my awesome labor. This could be a challenge to someone’s “endless music repertiore”. 🙂

It’s Black History month, who knew?

I just though of something, it’s been 3 days and i’ve heard no mention of Black History Month, of which is is. Hell, I’ve heard more of Groundhog’s Day than I have of Black History Month. Not bitter, mind you. A bit peeved, but not bitter. And for that matter, does matter to people? Particularly, African Americans (of which I am one, if that wasn’t painfully apparent). I don’t know too many that seem to give it much thought. I myself included. As far as I know, it’s not (or really never has) been taught well in school. This may be taken up as the month goes by. And realistically should be taken up after the month goes by. For now, we are here. And while we’re, check this out. When I thought of this, I decided to check out some resources on the net. Not the best time to do this, at work, but hey. I tried to check to and see if was active, and it is. I haven’t checked it out thoroughly, but it doesn’t seem too bad. Some discussion(a bit light seemingly) and some E-commerce sprinkled in. Then I tried to look up It comes up as an AOL site, Black Voices. It feels like an “Entertainment Tonight” with black folks. I was originally looking for the site for the old Microsoft program, Africana (around 2001). It’s used to be a pretty good encyclopdeia for Black History. They put it in with Encarta last I heard, so it’s probably forgotten. I will look for other computer programs similiar to this. I don’t know. I’ll be checking for more, but you can peruse these at your leisure.

Super Bowl ads – now portable

Do you like watching the Super bowl ads, but not the actual game? (I do, I do!)
Well, now you can get them in a video podcast all bite sized and portable like. Yummy!!
Well, check out the link from the link below(it’s a good post) and find out how. There will be
words like feeds and podcasts and video on Ipods (whatever those are). Check it out. I will
and I don’t have an Ipod. I do have a PSP that I can use for on the go viewing. Ipods, after all,
are not the only video viewing options. We will get to all of that soon. That said, check it out. » Get Super Bowl Ads as a Video Podcast Feed

A quick Shout out…

If it is not known by now, I have a great respect for the literary arts. I wouldn’t say that I myself qualify as a writer (this aside), but I have in the past have indulged in a little something something (like Maxwell). I also have friends who write, a couple of which have been published in one way or another (Hi Sheria). Needless to say it is also good when I hear of one of them writing something new and sharing it with me. Some, I may have to fight to get them get them to put out something (I’m looking at YOU, Baby Jaguar, retired, my ASS). Hopefully, if not here then somewhere, I will get the chance to present them proper like for everyone. All in due time.

For now, I am happy to shout out my home girl, LaShonda (AKA L Boogie), who has recently started a blog and anyone who knows me knows this makes me happy levels on levels. So, I invite to check her out on her journey from Phat To Fabulous (Now L, you’ve gotta love how I did that). Now you can all see, as I have for years, how special she is. And not in that seperate class, little yellow bus kind of way. Well…… never mind. You’ll love her, word is bond. By the way, L, you were right about the rambling. Damn.

You gotta love someone who like The Boondocks

Deep Space Google lovin’

If you haven’t heard, Google Video is now selling downloadable videos (shows and maybe movies? I haven’t checked that far yet). You can apparently “test drive” these videos right there in the browser. If you have ever been there, you know how this works. If not, go there and kick it around. I’m kind of excited because on my first perusal since this started (sometime last week) there were videos of my favorite Sci-Fi show, Star Trek – Deep Space Nine. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I don’t know if it shows the whole thing because I am at work as i’m writing this and not trying to get wrapped up into that here. When I get home, is another story. Now, from what I see, the shows are being sold for $1.99 (like iTunes does. If you don’t know about iTunes, well where the HELL have YOU been?). I have no intentions of buying downloadable videos for stuff that I can get from Best Buy or somewhere….yet. The only thing that would sway me is the fact that I could get great quality video that ends up being cheaper than buying it from the store. Deep Space Nine would be a good example. A season of the show is like $100.00 on DVD. On Google Video (and probably itunes) it’s $1.99 an episode. That’s about $52 for 26 shows (a season, in other words). That is cool even though I like this series enough to want to have a DVD copy, but I could do this. I may try to download one and check it out. Hopefully, it won’t be full of DRM and it’s good enough quality so that I can put it on my PSP (which I would do even if I bought the DVD version). Want to check out the show, click the link below.

(EDIT) I have just found out from the CNET Podcast, Buzz Out Loud, that this has flaws. Flaws such as DRM and the fact that you possibly stream the video and not download it (which means you don’t actually have a copy hat you pay for. There are other issues too, apparently. time will tell whether it will get better or it’s just junk. Plus, you can only look a 30 second clips of the for sale videos. The free videos run fine (plus you can download those for Ipod or PSP).

tvshow:Star_Trek_Deep_Space_Nine – Google Video

Want List Pt. 4 (side item)

My next keyboard (I would hope). It’s a keyboard with OLED lights underneath. You can change the display to fit your needs. Have a picture to start Firefox (or IE). I love this!! Hopefully, it is not too expensive. I’ll be checking this out more as it comes around. Check out the pictures.

Optimus keyboard

Want list PT. 3

Aww, isn’t this cute. One of the smallest High Definition (HD) video cams around. I haven’t checked the video from it (check it out from the link). Probably costs more than a lot of things way bigger. Perfect for that pocket pervert and women’s locker room / Sauna lurker on your list. FUN!

Video Feature: Sanyo’s VPC-HD1 – Engadget

Want list pt. 2

So i’ve been thinking about getting a laptop for a while now. Even more recently, I have been looking into Tablet PCs, which are laptops that have a display that you can turn around and write on (hence the tablet part). This may take the cake. It’s smooth, it’s svelte, the screen detaches and communicates wirelessly with the keyboard! Normally, I wouldn’t like something like this that has a detachable part to it, but this is cool.

Toshiba’s WiFi-screen Tablet PC laptop – Engadget