Your iPad as a Netbook? Magical!!


We interrupt what could have been a post on weighing out the options of buying a Kindle/Nook versus a Tablet PC/Netbook or iPad. Instead, we bring you what will possibly tempt me even more to get an ipad.

 The cool folks at Dvice have a post on this iPad case that has a built in Bluetooth keyboard in it….Brilliant! It’s called the Keyfolio from Kensington. Yes, the makers of fine laptop accessories Kensington. It’s another item in the chain of Foleo (R.I.P) type devices that extends the functionality of the much vaunted oversized ipod touch (not that it’s a bad thing, mind you). Now, looking at the picture I’m wondering how this thing is staying upright considering the keys are reported to be soft and the iPad is heavy. Gravity, people. I assume that has been taken into account, though. Also, it has it’s own power supply, it would be nice to charge the iPad with it. According to the article, it does not. Bummer, but still sounds cool enough to have when it ships in October. It seems a bit pricey at the reported $99-$100 mark, but considering the price of what you’re using it with, you probably won’t care (how about buying me one and a pad to go with it). 

This is actually kind of cool given that the iPad had been billed more as a consumption device than a productivity one. It’ll be no wonder why the Best Buy CEO said that it’s been eating up Netbook sales now. Anyway, check out the link below for the post and a pic. I will be lurking Amazon in a couple of weeks myself. You know, for research.

Ingenious gadget turns any iPad into an Apple netbook